Dolphins and Porpoises

How long can dolphins stay full before they eat again?

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How long or tall are dolphins when they are full grown?

They are approximately 24-28 centimeters long.

How long have dolphins been around?

For year and years before you were born.

How long is a full-grown dolphin?

There are many kinds of dolphins but most are about 7 - 9 feet long when mature.

How long are dolphins?

Dolphins can be up to 12 feet long.

How long are dolphins when full grown?

A full grown dolphin's length would be 7ft but there are some that have as long as up to 12ft. An estimate of weight would be around 450-600 pounds.

How long is a dolphins tongue?

dolphins have a long tongue but it can not retract from its mouthage.

How long do bottlenose dolphins get?

a bottle nose dolphins height is 15 inches long

How long are female dolphins?

I think that female Dolphins are approximately 3.6 meters long.

How long can a dolphins teeth get?

dolphins have very large teeth. almost as long as dawsons pubes dolphins have very large teeth. almost as long as dawsons pubes

Do boto dolphins live as long as bottlenose dolphins?

Yes they do

How big are adult dolphins?

dolphins are about 72 kilometers long

How long before a rabbit is full grown?

about a year old

Can dolphins stay up long?

yes dolphins can stay up long because they are like mamals

How are pink dolphins different from ocean dolphins?

Pink dolphins are different from ocean dolphins because pink dolphins are flexible and don't have long fins like dolphins do.

How do dolphins breath?

dolphins can hold their breath for a long period of time

How long have dolphins lived?

dolphins lived 30 years ago.

How long do dolphins mouth grow?


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Does anyone know how long it takes after having an eating disorder before your metabolism begins to work again?

About 20 minutes until you know if ur full. I don't know about that ,thought.

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3 hours for full digestion.

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What are the sizes of dolphins?

Dolphins are about 3 times as long as a 3rd grader is tall.

Why do dolphins have long beaks?

Dolphins dont have beaks they have snouts or something like that.

How long can dolphins holed their breth?

dolphins can hold their breath for 30 minutes

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