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The answer is unknown but the longest anyone has ever stayed up is 11 days!!

2009-05-28 02:20:12
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Q: How long can humans survive without sleep?
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Can you survive without sleep?

Not for long. After about 10 days without sleep, you will start to go a little crazy.

Can a plant survive without water?

A plant can survive without water, but not for very long. Humans can survive a day or two without water, but like all life, to have a long life we need water.

How long will humans survive without the water cycle?

2 weeks

How long does a human being survive without sleep?

10-35 yrs

How long could you survive without water?

Normal humans cannot survive for more than three days without water.

How long can humans survive without food or water and on moraphne?

4 days or less.

How long can cats survive without air?

Same as humans 3-4 minutes

Why water is important?

Water is important to humans because without it we'll die. The human body is around 70% water. Humans are able to survive without water for a little while, but not as long as we can survive without food. We can survive without food for a week to a month and we can survive without water for three days to a week. Can you see the 'obvious' difference?

How long can you survive without sleep?

Like breathing, sleep is a fundamental human requirement. It has even been said that one could survive for three times as long without food as one could without sleep. One of the better known experiments on this subject, found that depriving rats entirely of sleep resulted in their death, or near-dying state, within 11-32 days.

How long do tigers sleep?

Tigers usually sleep as long as humans do.

How long can a snapping turtle survive without water?

how long can a snapping turtle survive without water? how long can a snapping turtle survive without water?

How long can humans survive in the desert with only water?

A human can go a few weeks without food as long as there is sufficient water.

Would lions survive if you never gave them food for 1 day?

Of coarse they would, we humans can survive weeks without food as long as there is an intake of water.

How long Can you survive by only eating dirt?

Eating dirt is not a sufficient source of nutrients for humans. With water you could survive three weeks. Without water you could survive three days.

How long can humans live without ATP?

How long can humans live without ATP?

Can plants survive in darkness?

Not for long, without sun. We can't survive without the sun.

How long can someone survive without energy?

You need energy to survive, so you cannot survive without energy.

How long can humans go without sleep?

11 days, or 264 hours, is the current record. The experiment was called off at that point.

Animals that go for long summer sleep?

some animals that can survive the winter and not the summer go for long summer sleep.

Can A Crab Survive Without Its Claw?

Yes. It can survive with atleast one claw.. But if it doesn't have any claws then it can survive but probably not for a long period of time with out getting killed by humans or eaten by other water predators.

How long till humans evolve?

The humans evolved in 2000. They evolve if they visit other planets and survive without air. They evolve into a 7 foot tall green creature.

How long does a bald eagle sleep?

Bald Eagles sleep the same time as humans

How long are humans soposed to sleep?

Kids or teens are supposed to sleep about 10 hours

How long can a person go without sleep?

you can go without sleep for about 1 month in certain cases of insomnia you can go for long as a year without sleep but u wouldn't know if you were awake

How much does a Siberian Husky sleep?

adult huskys can survive a long time without sleeping. but a young huskys sleeps about 5 hours a day.