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Red eared sliders can stay under the water for as long as 6 hours! Amazing right?

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Q: How long can red eared sliders stay under water?
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How long can red eared sliders stay under water without air?

res (red eared sliders) can go along time under water;don't worry about it just make sure they have a nice spot to reach and get air.

How long can red eared sliders sleep under water for?

They can sleep for as long as they want some like to sleep on their rock while some like to sleep underwater both of my sliders love to sleep underwater.

Do boy red eared sliders have long nails?


How long can red eared sliders be above water?

They are reptiles... indefinitely, but they will become dehydrated after a certain amount of time. RES generally need to be submersed under water to drink and eat.

How long can red eared sliders go without drinking water?

well they are aquatic so they will probably drink water from the tank

Can red eared sliders live with geese?

Sure, they do it in the wild. If you have pet red eared sliders and geese then as long as the geese don't pick on the the turtles you will be fine.

How do red eared sliders hibernate?

They dig a hole in the mud with their long claws

Do red eared sliders eat snails?

Yes, as long as they can fit in their mouth.

How long can red eared sliders live with out water?

they wont live very long cause they get dry so fast so about one hour

How long can a baby red-eared slider turtle live under water?

Baby red-eared sliders... well for starters, don't worry about them drowning underwater. Just give them enough water so that their head is above the water. As long as they have some rocks on the side so that they can bask, you're good. =) Source: experience

How long does a red eared slider stay with its mother?

Red-eared sliders don't need to stay with their mothers past egg stage.

How long can red eared sliders live?

in captivity 20 to 40 years with great care

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