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Inside the vagina, a sperm can live for up to five days depending on the conditions.

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Q: How long can sperm live inside the vagina?
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How long does a sperm cell live inside the vagina?


How long can sperm live inside the vagina in the presence of an IUD?

5 days

How long does a sperm cell live?

Sperm can live inside the vagina up to 5 days. However outside of the vagina they only live for a few minuets to a few hours when the oxygen hits them.

How long does sperm stay inside the vagina before being absorbed?

Sperm can live inside the body for anywhere from 4 to 6 days.

How long can sperm live in the vagina after intercourse?

Sperm can live and be active in the vagina for at least three days.

Is it safe to leave sperm inside vagina when the partner is pregnant?

Sure. As long as it's your partner's vagina.

In order to get pregnant does the guys sperm have to stay inside the girls vagina?

No...The sperm cell do not actually stays long in the vagina because it is acidic...the males produces a liquid to protect the sperm when it travels through the vagina

How long does the sperm stay in the vagina after a man came inside a woman?

Sperm can stay alive 3-5 day inside a woman.

How long does sperm live if he came in you 2 days in a row?

A sperm cell lives inside the Vagina, searching for the egg and dies after 48 hours after be ejaculated from the penis if it does not find the egg.

How long does y sperm live when it's inside the female body?

If there is fertile cervical mucus present then sperm can live up to a week within the female body, that is within the vagina. Otherwise sperm will normally die within a few hours due to the acidic pH within the vagina.

How long will sperm live inside the female?

Sperm can live inside of a female for up to five days after intercourse.

How long can sperm survive in a human vagina?

sperm can stay inside the vaginal flora for 3 days or 72 hours.

How long does the sperm take to reach the vagina?

To reach the vagina, during normal sex is immediately, being the penis is inside the vagina when ejaculation occurs. I'm sure the question means to read how long does sperm take to reach an ovum, aka egg, that can take a few hours. Sperm live for up to 72 hours incase an egg has not been released by the ovaries yet. Hope this helps.

How long can sperm survive on a FINGER?

Sperm can live outside of the vagina anywhere from a few minuets to a few hours.

Can you get a girl pregnant if your on the bottom? long as the sperm is inside the vagina then there is a chance u can get pregnant

How long does human sperm live?

Human sperm cells die quickly if they dry out. As long as they remain wet, however (as they would in a vagina), they can live for 24 to 48 hours.

How long does sperm live inside the stomach?

Stomach acid kills the sperm almost immediately.

How long can a sperm live inside the female body?

Sperm can live inside the female body for up to 5 days. Many of the sperm die off after 24 to 48 hours though.

How long can sperm live inside a women's body?

Sperm carrying an X chromosome can live about 5 days inside of a woman's body. They tend to live longer than sperm carrying Y chromosomes.

If sperm touches the leg can it travel to the vagina and impregnate her?

Sperm have a very short life span inside the testes and scrotum, which are specifically designed to keep sperm alive, so outside of it, they don't last long. Even if the sperm is "deposited" on the inner thigh close to the vagina, it's pretty much impossible to get her pregnant without it depositing it directly into the vagina.

How long can semen live for?

After ejaculation in vagina sperm can usually survive for maximum 4 days

How long does sperm live inside the women?

3 days

Does the penis need to enter the vagina before you get pregnant?

Yes, in principal, but as long as sperm enters the vagina then there is a chance of a pregnancy. The penis could ejaculate just outside the vagina and sperm may seep inside quickly thus causing pregnancy. This is why the withdrawl method (removing the penis from the vagina at the point of climax) of contraception is not flawless. Besides this, the penis can leak sperm into the vagina before withdrawl and climax.

How long does sperm survive after being ejaculated inside the vagina?

2,3,4 ,7 or even two weeks but this is rare.all depends .

How long does a males sperm stay in a females vagina after a female has had a male ejaculated inside of her?

72 hours or three days