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How long can sperm survive in a bottle?

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Sperm cells can live for up to 5-6 days inside the female reproductive system. Any other location/environment would be less likely to support their independent life for any lengthy amount of time, unless they were indeed frozen, in cases such as sperm donation.

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Can sperm survive in salt water?

Not for long.

Will sperm live if stored in a tablet bottle for 24 hours?

Sperm can survive outside of any one body for no more than one hour. Once inside a female body, the amount of time increases by only a few hours. Source: http:/

How long can sperm survive around ovulation time?

Sperm typically live for 72 hrs.

How long does a sperm survive inside you?

5-6 days

How long does a sperm cell survive for?

Up to 72 hours.

How long can sperm survive in a woman's vagina?

50 years.

How long does female sperm survive?

Only males have sperm. The liquid that squirts out of Vaginas is just fluid.

How long a Y sperm can survive in womb?

Y sperm can stay in womb for 36 hours after which it dies

How long sperm live in a female body while she on her period?

How long sperm can survive in the female body depends on how healthy the sperm are and whether the female is fertile at the time. If there is fertile quality cervical mucus present then sperm can potential survive for up to a week within her body.

How long will sperm survive without fertilisation?

well i think that the sperm can stay alive utill the sperm has met the egg then it will make a baby and the the sperm will die.

How long does sperm survive for?

i beleve it survives for upto 4 days

How long can sperm survive on a FINGER?

Sperm can live outside of the vagina anywhere from a few minuets to a few hours.

How long does it take for sperm to die on skin?

A sperm can survive outside the body for three hours (i.e. in the skin)

Can sperm survive when there is spotting?

Yes. Sperm can survive for a few days

How long do sperm survive in the body if they are not used?

When sperm has been ejaculated into the vagina, it can remain active for up to 5 days.

How long can sperm survive in a human vagina?

sperm can stay inside the vaginal flora for 3 days or 72 hours.

How long can sperm survive when the woman is on top?

Sperm can live in the uterus for 5-6 days. It doesn't matter if she is on top or not.

How long can sperm survive in the female?

They can live in the uterus 5-6 days.

How long does men sperm live when it's inside the female body?

How long sperm can survive within the female body depends on the phase of her menstrual cycle, vaginal environment, and male fertility. Generally speaking the sperm will only survive for a few hours because the vagina is acidic, but if there is fertile cervical mucus present it may survive for as long as a week.

How long can sperm survive in the penis?

So long as they have food, water and oxygen, the survival period is indefinate

How long can pre-ejaculate fluid survive in the vagina?

Pre-cum can definitely contain sperm, and sperm can survive in a woman's body for up to 7 days. Hope it helps.

How long does sperm stay alive outside the body in a covered container?

Not very long. Where normal cells have the resilience to survive with some fluctuations in temperature, sperm cells do not and require a set temperature to survive. That is unless you freeze them quickly.

How long can pre-ejaculate survive in open air?

Hi, Precum can survive in the open air for the same length of time as sperm can because it does contain sperm. So a few minutes.

What is the function of the sperm tube?

It is a long tube that's helps the sperm to swim through that heps also by giving it the DNA it needs to survive

How long does sperm survive in the male body?

Sperm that still reside inside the testicles will stay alive anywhere from 3 days to a week.