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How long can the police use their squad cars?

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Currently the most common squad car is the Ford Crown Victoria. In my department we usually see the crown vics go out of service around 100k - 120k. At that time we will auction sell them. I would guess that in a hotter climate, say the desert, you are probably going to get less miliage out of squad cars because the heat is harder on them, the same might go for areas next to an ocean, salt isn't good for machinery.

2007-01-14 07:20:26
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Q: How long can the police use their squad cars?
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What car use uae police?

The UAE police cars are usually Bentley. These are the patrol cars that the police in UAE use.

What was the first city to use police cars and in what year did this occur?

The first police cars were in Ohio in the year 1899 which were then run by electricity.

How do police use spectrographs to identify cars?

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What kind of cars do the New York City police force use?

Really fast cars

What was the First city to use police cars?

Akron, Ohio

Do detectives use police cars?

Depends which country and city they are in.

What do the police use SUVs and trucks for?

They use SUVs and trucks for off-road emergencies, such as high speed chases. They also use them for the dog squad, rescue squad and swat teams. They are necessary for the equipment they carry.

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The creation of a dog squad is the idea of the first Indian IG of Police of Madras Presidency, Mr.T.G.Sanjeevi Pillai. He was instrumental in bringing the pups from London. In 1951, Madras Police Dog squad was formed. Madras police was the first to use sniffer dogs for detection and tracking. Madras became the pioneer in India after Independence to use dogs in the prevention and detection of crime. Ref: See Related Links

Do the police use horses?

Yes, police men do sometimes use horses, but not as often as cars or motorcycles. Horses are used in places such as New York City, where the streets are narrow and cars would be ineffective in a traffic jam with a killer on the loose. So, police use horses to catch people on foot in busy areas or where cars can't move.

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Do members of the bomb squad carry guns?

In the US Members of police bomb squads are police officers, the same as any patrol officer. As such, their job may entail the use and carrying of firearms. The bomb squad in the UK are members of the British Army, they are trained to use weapons in a combat situation but do not carry weapons on the streets of the UK.

What tools do police officers use?

they use guns (pistol), handcuffs,patrol cars,tazers,computers motorcycle,boat

What is the bomb squad?

The term bomb squad basically means a team of people ( Normally soldiers or police officers) who use advanced equipment ( Such as bomb disarming robots or Blast suits) to dispose of bombs and other explosives.

What is usually the reason for a police department to pick one brand of vehicle over other brands?

Police department picks one brand of vehicle so that all police departments use the same brand which is not being widely used for other purposes. This makes the police cars distinctive and different from other cars on the road.

Why is a police car transmission so good?

Police car transmission is so good because they take care of their cars. The police cars are made for speed. The transmission is very high quality and the car is too.Added: The vehicles are designed for heavy duty use and they typically use the same transmissions installed in taxicab fleets and/or light duty trucks.

What did police use instead of guns?

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Police officers use technology such as, but is not limited to: Cars, guns, tasers, walkie talkies, sat-navs, breath testers, computers for checking stuff and lights to direct you. Hope this helped.

Are there any states that have outlawed the use of police scanners or "fuzz busters" in cars?

Virginia is one of many states where they are illegal.If you can buy them in your state they're legal to use.

What words can use the collective noun squad?

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