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It depends on how long you were on the shot and what your overall health is. The longer you were on the shot, the longer it will probably take for you to get your period again. Once you get your period, it may take several months to regulate itself again. Hang in there and thing should return to normal within 6-24 months.

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Q: How long can you bleed after stopping Depo-Provera and when does your period become regular?
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When does your period become regular after stopping Depo-Provera?

Some women have a regular period immediately after stopping depo, and for others it may take 18 months. The average is 11 months.

When does your period become regular after stopping the contraceptive implant?

After stopping the contraceptive implant, your menstrual cycle will return to its previous pattern (whether regular or irregular) in four to six weeks.

How can you make your period less heavy?

Use DepoProvera

No period after depo can I get pregnant?

Depoprovera will not make you pregnant for months.

What period is the actual regular period not because of stopping birth control?

It varies, about 28 days.

How long can you bleed after stopping Depo-Provera?

You may bleed for days, weeks, or months after stopping Depo-Provera. Your period is likely to become regular again anywhere from one to eighteen months after the last injection. The average time to the first normal period is 11 months.

Can stopping Depo-Provera affect your period?

Yes, stopping Depo Prover will affect your period. Some women may have spotting, and others may not get a regular period for up to 18 months. The average return to fertility is 11 months after stopping Depo Provera.

Why will your period not stop after having stopped using the pill?

Your body has to go back into a normal cycle after stopping the pill so it make take a cycle or two for your period to become regular. Go see your doctor to help you with this.

If I am twelve and started my period yesterday when will your period become regular?

go to

Should a 12 year old girl have a regular period?

Actually, it can take up to 3 years for her period to become regular.

Does your period become more regular with time on Depo-Provera?

No, your period becomes more absent with time on Depo Provera, not regular.

When you get periods after stopping depo is it possible to conceive?

Once your periods are regular after stopping depo provera, you can probably get pregnant. YOu can also get pregnant just before your first normal period.

When do you get your period after stopping the IUD?

If you're stopping the non-hormonal IUD, like Paragard, you'll get your period on your usual schedule. If you're stopping a hormonal IUD like Mirena or Skyla, you'll get your period in four to six weeks if your periods were regular before starting the IUD. If you had irregular periods before using the IUD, you'll probably return to your previous irregularity.

How long does it take to start your period after stopping the depoprovera injections?

After the last shot of Depo Provera, it can take over 6 months for the drug to leave the body.But you should start another form of birth control after 6-12 weeks after your last shot.

Is it normal to have a period for 3 days when you just got off birth control?

A short period is common when stopping hormonal birth control. Your regular period should return in four to six weeks.

Is it possible for a woman to still have a regular period throughout her pregnancy?

Your period stops when you become pregnant. Some women do bleed a little while pregnant but it is not a regular period and a doctor should be consulted.

How many days will it take to get your next regular period if you stop taking the pill permanently?

You will experience a withdrawal bleed within 7 days of stopping the pill. To get a regular, natual period it may take 3 months but usually a lot less.

Is spotting normal after coming off the pill?

Yes, it is very normal, you might even end up with a regular period after stopping the pill.

Can worms be the cause of your period stopping?


Should your period be regular after 6 months off birth control?

After stopping birth control, your period is likely to return to its previous pattern. If you were irregular prior to starting the pill, you're likely to be irregular after you stop.

Are you pregnant if you took the patch off two weeks early and blead after taking it off and didn't get my period on regular schedule?

Your period may be delayed after stopping the patch. If you had unprotected sex after stopping the patch, take a pregnancy test. If you don't' want to get pregnant, find a new effective methods of birth control.

Is it true that having a crush can make you miss your period?

No, it's not possible to miss your period if you just have a crush on someone. Not even being in love makes you miss it, only being pregnant. And when you first get your period they are not regular, it takes a while for them to become regular.

When will your body go back to normal when stopping the depo?

Depo Provera hormones will leave your body within weeks of stopping Depo Provera. Your regular period may return immediately or up to 18 months later; the average is 11 months.

How long does it take to have a regular period after stopping birth control pills which you took for seven years and all pregnancy tests are negative?

It can take as long as 3 months.

Can stopping the patch make a person miss or be late for a period?

Yes it can. Discontinuing the patch will likely change your regular cycle, usually by delaying the onset of menses right after going off it. What appears to be a "missed" period is likely a long-delayed one. Yes it definitely can. You can have irregular periods for 3 months AFTER stopping the patch.