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My 1996 Chrysler Cirrus started making noise about 2-3000 miles ago. Had a difficult time determing what was causing the noise since it went away a minute or two later after warming up. Now it is constant and the clutch is starting to smoke from friction. Driving any further may cause it to freeze and snap the belt. I tried to pull the clutch off but too difficult. Guess I have to pay $6-700 to replace it.

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Q: How long can you drive a car if the AC clutch compressor is bad but not making a noise constantly?
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Can I bypass my air compressor and still be able to drive?

If the compressor is bad or noisy and the AC clutch is okay try unplugging the AC clutch fuse or relay.

What do you check if no power on ac comp?

The AC compressor is belt driven. There is an electric clutch that engages the belt drive to the compressor. The circuit for the clutch is driven by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), which might feed to a relay used to drive the clutch. The PCM receives a start signal from the dashboard control knob or switch. There may also be a refrigerant pressure sensor that can moderate the output of the PCM to the AC clutch signal.

Ford focus have a ticking sound from the AC and only heard when the AC is on?

Check the ac compressor and clutch to see where the noise is coming from. Also check the compressor drive belt for wear.

What is the cause of your AC compressor squealing?

Any of the following.......... 1. The compressor is locking up. 2. You have a bad a/c clutch. 3. You have a bad drive belt. 4. You have a bad tensioner. 5. The a/c system is overcharged.

How do you check the ac compressor on a ford zx2 2000 the ac clutch pulley is bent from serpentine belt breaking?

The A/C compresor is low on the front of the engine, up inside the engine compartment. I have never heard of a serpentine blt "bending" a pulley... When an idler pulley bearing fails and siezes, it will break a belt. This is most likely the cause of belt failure. If the A/C compressor drive is not turning by hand, this is most likely the cause. There is a bearing on the nose of the compressor that allows the hub to rotate and "drive" the compressor when the clutch is activated. The A/C clutch is replaceable without replacing the entire compressor assembly. Check all the pulleys and make sure another one is not also failed.

1992 Ford Taurus air compressor locked up breaking the belt that controls it and the powersteering unit is it possible to bypass the compressor with a bigger drive belt to regain steering unit?

Generally you can disconnect the clutch control wire connector and the clutch will not engage the bad compressor. Then you can install a new original belt. .. If both the clutch and compressor are locked up you can try to find a shorter belt and bypass the compressor. I would think this may be difficult because I don't believe they make a lot of different lengths in those type belts... You might find a good used clutch at a used auto parts yard and replace your bad one - just don't hook up the wires. luck!

My car is making a vibrating noise every time I lift the clutch pedal and start to drive. Is it a dry clutch plate?

your clutch is warped from excess heat ////sounds like broken damper springs in the clutch disc have you been dropping the clutch by any chance?

Why does your air conditioning compressor for your car squeal when it is operating?

There can be quite a few reasons as to why the compressor is squealing when the a/c is activated. The most common cause is a loose accessory drive belt (or serpentine belt on some vehicles). Another cause is a loose or weak a/c clutch or possibly a faulty or defective compressor. Try tightening or replacing the accessory drive belt/serpentine belt. If that does not work, have compressor checked at a qualified repair facility.

What might cause a grinding noise when the AC clutch is engaged on a 1993 Chevy PU you have replaced the compressor with three new ones and still have the problem?

You may have burned it up. AC compressors need oil initially. Usually the compressors require additional lubrication during the installation. The warranty on compressors usually require the replacement of the dryer (Accumulator), orfice tube, and flushing the system. This will eliminate debrie and contaminates from damaged compressor in which was replaced. The compressor may be checked for the grinding noise by the following procedure. Disconnect the battery ground. Remove drive belt from clutch. Place wrench on nut in center of clutch and rotate slowly clockwise. If the shaft doesn't rotate smoothly there is likely damage inside the compressor cylinders and pistons. If the compressor checks OK, check other components while the drive belt is disconnected. For example, The pulley on the alternator, idler pulley, and water pump should not have any end play. The AC compressor puts a heavier load on the drive belt and may cause other components to make noise. The only other possibility that comes to mind is that the compressor clutch bearing is bad or the clutch is slipping. ! Good luck!

Car stalls when air conditioner comes on?

The first thing that you need to check will be to see if the both the a/c compressor and clutch are working as well as checking the condition of the drive belt............

Which style compressor uses belt to turn the compressor?

open drive

How do you drive an ATV clutch?

The same way you use a motorcycle clutch.

How do you replace a BMW alternator belt on a BMW 528i e39?

Remove fan clutch with fan impeller. Remove A/C compressor drive belt. Remove cap from tensioning roller. Relieve tension on drive belt. Remove drive belt. Reverse procedure for installation.

What causes a loud noise when the air conditioner is turned on?

1. A bad or worn out drive belt. 2. A bad or damaged a/c clutch. 3. A bad or locked up a/c compressor.

Will a bad air compressor stop a 1993 Cadillac Sedan Deville 4.9 liter from starting?

If the clutch on the ac compressor is not turning freely then the drive belt will either slip or not allow the engine to turn over. But most likely, the belt will slip and the engine will still turn over.

The ac blew out of your 1992 park avenue can you bypass the ac system and still drive your car without the ac?

Yes! Disconnect the power to the A/C compressor clutch. Nothing else need be done.

Can you drive a 1977 Lincoln without a compressor belt?

If this is the a/c compressor, yes you can. You will just not have air.

What are the function of clutch?

The clutch disconnects drive from the engine to the wheels. It is required to change gears.

Can you still drive your 97 jeep after your ac clutch went out need answer fast?

Keep the a/c OFF!!!! with it off does the pulley on the a/c compressor seem to be locking up or wobbling when the engine is running with the A?C OFF????? if the belt looks smoooth then you may be ok until you replace the a/c clutch?

How do you adjust clutch on straight drive 1970 f100?

There's normally an adjustment on the clutch rod which activates the clutch fork on the transmission.

What would be done to increase the compressor speed on a belt driven compressor?

increase drive pulley size

Why does your escort try to drive when clutch is pushed in?

Probably the Clutch Master Cylinder or the slave cylinder.

Can you drive a car with a frozen ac clutch?

no because you need the clutch to start and stop the car

What is auto-clutch?

Auto clutch means a torque converter has two pedal drive and brake system so you have a brake pedal and accelerator that auto changes gears automatically. It makes it easier to drive.

How do you drive a manual shift car?

get in push the clutch then turn the key and put in 1st gear and drive Clutch in, as above, 1st, drive the car, clutch in, 2nd, then so on. To stop, never let your gears slow you down, foot on brake, then into first when you stop.