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By freezing it immediately. Just before the soldiers went off to war in Iraq it was on the news that many young men had their sperm frozen. The Gulf War showed that different gases caused the men and some women to become infertile.

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How do you keep sperm alive outside the body?

sperm is kept alive outside of the body by freezing it.

How can you keep sperm alive?

I dont know about keeping it alive but saliva kills it!

What is the best temperature to keep sperm alive?

The best temperature to keep sperm alive is with the human body. You may realise that during very cold temperatures your scrotum tends to go closer to your body. This is because they want to get the body heat. Once the sperm leaves the penis, it will not survive for very long.

How long can sperm stay alive if collected in a sealed container?

how long can sperm stay alive if kept in a sealed container until incerting into the vagina?

What is a gland that produces a fluid that helps keep sperm alive?

prostate gland

How long will sperm survive without fertilisation?

well i think that the sperm can stay alive utill the sperm has met the egg then it will make a baby and the the sperm will die.

Does hot or cold water kill sperm?

Colder temp. Affects them more because the testies have to be warm to keep the sperm alive.

How long can sperm stay alive in your stomach?

Sperm is destroyed by the acids in your stomach so the answer would be almost immediately.

How long do spiders keep there webs for?

Spiders keep their webs as long as they are alive.

How long can you keep sperm on your face?

However long as you want it to be there. ;D

Functions of the testes?

The testes are part of the reproductive system in male animals. The testes are the site of sperm production. The testes function to keep the sperm warm enough, so that they stay alive long enough to fertilize an egg.

How long does sperm stay alive in a female?

Approximately 5-7 days.

How long can you keep the sperm on the clothing?

Forever, if that's what you're into.

How long will sperm stay alive once it has left the penis?

Sperm ejaculated into a woman's vagina remain alive for three to seven days. Sperm ejaculated outside the body can survive normally until the semen that contains it dries. Depending on surface and temperature, determines the life of the sperm.

How long does sperm survive in the male body?

Sperm that still reside inside the testicles will stay alive anywhere from 3 days to a week.

Why do sperm enter the pelvic cavity?

because sperm were designed to seek out unfertilized eggs, and they will search for eggs for as long as they are alive once ejaculated

How long does the sperm stay in the vagina after a man came inside a woman?

Sperm can stay alive 3-5 day inside a woman.

How long do y sperm last after ejaculated?

Sperm, as a general rule, cannot survive long outside the Testies. Typically the temperatures outside are either too hot or too cold. To answer the question less than half an hour more than 5 minutes depending on the environment. On a side note sperm banks keep sperm donations alive by a process called fast freezing. This is done by freezing the sperm in temperatures so extreme the sperm will not have a chance to die.

If sperm touches the leg can it travel to the vagina and impregnate her?

Sperm have a very short life span inside the testes and scrotum, which are specifically designed to keep sperm alive, so outside of it, they don't last long. Even if the sperm is "deposited" on the inner thigh close to the vagina, it's pretty much impossible to get her pregnant without it depositing it directly into the vagina.

How long do sperm stay alive after being exposed to air?

The sperm in your semen may still be alive until the semen is fully dried up. This could be several hours, and longer if the semen is contained in a condom.

Is there an alternative to keeping sperm alive besides freezing it?

put it in a ice cub tray or keep it in water? rofl Fishes!

Can sperm still survive after dried and washed off after an hour?

no, sperm cant last long outside the human body and if its dry then there's no way it is alive.

What helps cats live long?

food to keep them alive

What makes sperm move?

The tail of the sperm whips and forces the sperm forward. Y sperm are smaller, lighter and faster, X sperm are larger, heavier and slower but can keep going for longer. Y sperm are sprinters, X sperm are long distance runners.

How long can a person with a life estate in a nursing long term keep the life estate?

As long as they are alive.

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