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How long can you leave pet mice unattended?

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You should not leave a mouse unattended outside it's cage; this is dangerous as it could get injured, escape or be attacked by something (like another pet). Inside their cage, a mouse can be left unattended for any length of time as long as the cage is clean and the mouse has enough food and water. A mouse should not be left alone too long if it is by itself (in it's cage) - mice are soical animals and therefore need the company of other mice.

2006-09-11 04:06:44
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How big to pet mice get?

It depends on the strain--some mice get bigger than others. My pet mice tend to be about three inches or so long from nose to rump, with the tail as long as their bodies, and weigh maybe an ounce or two.

Are pet mice legal?

yes they are as long as you get them from the store. you can get in trouble for having a wild mouse as a pet.

How long till pet mice die?

2-3 years

Are pet mice nocturnal?

No. The place where they come from, for example Petco or other pet shops... They encourage the mice to be dirunal. If you have house mice they are nocturnal but not pet mice. This is why mice are good pets for the day and a little of the evening.

How long is the lifespan of a mouse?

It depends greatly on genetics- poorly breed mice live a lot less. Diet and care also play a role in lifespan. Average for pet mice is 1 to 2 years. Although I have had pet mice live to 4 and beyond. Captive wild house mice live around 5 years in captivity- although it's best to leave these guys in the wild!

How long do house mice live?

Pet mice can live from 2-3 years but can rarely live up to 5

How long can i leave my pet rat alone for?

You can leave your pet rat alone for 2 days but it is not advisable; attention is key.

Are pet mice allowed in Alberta?

Yes, pet mice are aloud pretty much everywhere.

Do you sell pet mice?


Do pet mice always attract other mice?


Where do mice like to get pet?

Most mice like to be pet down their back and behind the ears. But do not pet them if they dont like to be petted.

Where do pet mice come from?

the pet shop and they get them from breeders

Can you clip pet mice nails?

Well if your not sure get a vet or someone you know to help you if it's possible. Mice nails shouldn't grow that long.

Why won't my pet mice eat out of my hand?

Your pet mice likely wont eat out of your hand because they are scared of you. Mice aren't exactly the kind of pet that's going to cuddle up and love you.

What can you name your pet mice?

You can name your pet mice anything from Harry Potter to rex, Kevin Rudd to Flower. It's your pet it's your choice.

Can pet mice attract wild mice?

No, pet mice do not attract wild mice. Though if you have a lot of wild mice around the house keep track of your pet mice; females may go into heat if the smell males and males may become aggitated. Make sure your mouse's cage is closed at all times if mice have invaded your room ;)

What do small pet mice eat?

They eat mice food you can buy at just about any variety store or pet shop.

How do you look after white mice?

samething as you take care as pet mice

How do I bath my pet mouse?

mice clean themselfs but mice can swim .

What scent attracts pet mice?

Scents such as food attract mice.

How long can you leave your pet without food on moviestarplanet?

2 days

Do pet mice have diseases?

The only way pet mice have diseases is if they didn't get the shot provided to become a pet or if you found it off the street. A list of mice and rat diseases is listed in the website (related links) below.

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Where do you add apostrophes in the sentence My oldest brothers pet mice are as big as yours?

"My oldest brother's pet mice are as big as yours."