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How long can you live without food?

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most likely 4-6 weeks!!! did some research on people who have gone without food for extended periods of time: Medical Doctors Commonly cite 4 to 6 weeks without food 10 Political Prisoners in Ireland Lived 46 to 73 days before succumbing to lack of food 12 individual starvation protestors Two lost tongues, 1 lost feet, 7 on kidney dialysis Many war prisoners Lived 28 to 40 days with no food World War II concentration camps With only 300 to 600 calories per day, many thousands did not have enough food to survive more than a few months at best. Terminally Ill patients Live 10-days to 3-weeks without food depending upon initial heath Obese Can live from 3-weeks up to 25-weeks and more without food depending upon initial health and amount of fat Mahatma Gandhi Survived a 3-week fast while in his 70's The Will to Survive With Not Enough Food

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