How long did Macbeth reign?

Readers and viewers of the play 'Macbeth' would have no idea as to the length of time that Macbeth [d. August 15, 1057] held the throne of Scotland. William Shakespeare [Baptized April 26, 1564-April 23, 1616] didn't include that information in the play. But according to the historic record, Macbeth reigned for 17 years. His rule began with the death of King Duncan I, who died trying to take away Macbeth's lands. His rule ended with his own death at the hands of King Duncan's son, the subsequent King Malcolm III [d. November 12, 1093], during the battle of Lumphanan. Macbeth either died there or was mortally wounded. If wounded, he died later at Scone. There was no mention of his having been beheaded. As with the case with King Duncan, Macbeth was buried in the royal burial grounds on Iona, an island off the west coast of Scotland.