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It took Billy $50 to save up until he could gets his dogs

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They moved to Tahlequah

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Q: How long did it take billy save up to get his dogs in Where the Red Fern Grows?
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How long did it take for billy to get the money for his dogs in Where the Red Fern Grows?

it took billy two years to get enough money for his dogs in where the red fern grows

Why does Billy ask how far it is to Kentucky in Where the Red Fern Grows?

Because he wanted to know how long it would take him to get there

What was the physical description of billy colman in Where the Red Fern Grows?

Brown hair, Brown eyes, Part Cherokee

What does billy does billy look like in Where the Red Fern Grows?

He is described as, "long shaggy blonde hair, muscular,blue eyes,tan, and wearing clean but old, and worn out clothes."

How long did it take billy to save fifty dollars to buy the two hounds from the book of Where the Red Fern Grows?

It took Billy two years to save $50 to buy the two hounds.

How long did it take Wilson rawls to write Where the Red Fern Grows?

it took 20 years forWilson Rawls to write the first manuscript of the book Where The Red Fern Grows 3 weeks to rewrite it not including grammar and punctuation

Where the Red Fern Grows why are the dogs so important to billy?

Billy's dogs give him courage when he gets them because finally he has the animals that he wanted all his life , and he gets to go hunting with someone, not alone in the cold darkness of the night.

How long did billy have to save his money so he could buy the dogs?

2 years

What is the main point of Where the Red Fern Grows?

Where The Red Fern Grows - A Novel By Wilson Rawls.Where The Red Fern Grows is a novel written by the American writer, Wilson Rawls. It tells the fantastic tale of a boy and his two dogs which can be read as delightfully as reading a beautiful poem. They are a lovely threesome. Old Dan had physical strength, little Ann had intelligence and the boy, Billy trained them in coon- hunting as fur was one of the main revenues of the inhabitants of the Cherokee Nation in those times. They made the finest hunting team in that wild country. They even won coon-hunting championships. They will track the smell and footprints and tree a coon. The skillful coon will come down any day or time and they patiently will wait. Sometimes the clever coon will jump into the river, cross and recross and disappear, deceiving the team by leaving not a trace. Only intelligent dogs could coon-hunt and succeed. When the dogs sacrificed their lives for rescuing Billy from a Mountain Lion attack, Billy buried them in a sandstone ledge. A few months later when Billy along with his papa, mamma and two sisters were leaving the Ozarks village forever, he went to the sandstone ledge to pay his last homage. It was then that he saw that sight! 'There between the two graves, a beautiful red fern had grown from the rich mountain soil, fully two feet tall with it's long red leaves reaching out in rainbow arches, curving over the graves of his dogs'. Nature's homage to the unforgettable pair!Red Ferns are very rare to grow and where one grows, that spot is sacred. Only an angel can plant the seeds of a red fern, and they never die. The aborigins and the Indians of the wild west had a legend that in Winter, a little Indian boy and a girl were lost in a blizzard and were frozen to death. In Spring when they were found, a beautiful red fern had grown up between their two bodies, embracing them.To understand the spirit of the story, one has to know the background of Wilson Rawls. He was born and lived in the Ozarks Mountains of the Cherokee Nation, where he roamed the hills and valleys with his only companion-his dog. It is said that his first writings were done with his fingers in the dust of the country roads and the sands along the river and that his first stories were told to his dog, who never complained.He could get proper schooling and access to real books only after his family moved to Oklahoma.Where The Red Fern Grows was first published in 1961 by the Curtis Publishing Company. Doubleday and Bantam have issued editions. It certainly is a book to read and is a modern classic. It has since been made into a beautiful motion picture.

How long does it take for dogs hair to grow?

Not long at all. yorkies are like humans their hair grows back fast.

What is a character vs nature conflict in Where the Red Fern Grows?

Billy does not have enough money for the hounds. Billy wants two Red Hound Puppies. So Billy and his Grandfather saves up money to buy those puppies. So I think is Billy wants those to Red Hound dogs badly then he reaches his goal buy selling vegetables, hunting, and selling his furs and other sorts of animals for 2 years.

How long do fern plants live?

Fern is 49 years old