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It Took Like 2 or 5 Hours To Write The Song Salve Oh Patria.

He never wrote his first song---his mommy did.

Anything from minutes to months depending on the complexity of the song and the amount of inspiration you have.

Tchaikovsky wrote that music in six weeks.

Well it takes me bout a month or 2-3 weeks depending on what type of song it is

it took them 1 hour to write A Little Bit Longer Bridean123

Well some people can just sit down and write a song in an hour or two. Kinda just depends on what mood they are in and if they have some sort of inspiration

Depending what it's about it various, something more closer to him may take a but longer as he'd want perfection.

She said in one of her interviews that it could take her five minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or a year, it just depends if she's really inspired or interested in the song. Hope this helps :) Erica

Jeff Buckley did not write Hallelujah; he only did a cover of it. The original song was written and performed by Leonard Cohen, and appeared on his 1984 album, Various Positions. See the Related Link below for the Wikipedia entry for the song.

Sean Kingston co-wrote the song "Take you there" with Sam Dashefsky who is a friend of J.R. Rotem's.

if you don't know her personally, she either wont write back or it will take a long time.

It will depend on the writer as to how long it takes to write a screenplay for animation. It could take several weeks to even years.

It took him about a year to write a book

Take the Long Way Home - John Schneider song - was created in 1987.

princeton is going to write a song take them to london and then sing the song to his girlfriend

It usually depends on how long the song is. The longer the song, the more GB's it will take up

"Take The Long Way Home" is by Supertramp, from their 'Breakfast In America' album.

The song A little bit Longer is based on his diabetes. He also says - i quote- "SOS because I was really able to take an experience that happened to me and write a song out of it."

10 minutes, the hard work was already done but on her part (writing the lyrics) it took her 10 minutes

A couple of minutes, just as we write ours today.

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