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2400 years

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Q: How long did it take scientists to figure out everything we know about atoms?
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How do you know that everything is made from atoms?

If has been proven by many scientists.

Why do atoms exist?

Scientists don't believe atoms exist- they know atoms exist. No matter what type of field they study, the 'theory' of the atom explains many things about matter and chemistry and what make things happend in the physical world.

How do scientists know everything but not how the dinosaurs died out?

Scientists don't know everything, nor do they claim to know everything.There's a lot of compelling evidence to suggest that the dinosaurs were killed of by a massive meteorite impact.

How do scientists use percentages in their work?

They are smart and know everything

Do scientists know everything about life and living things?


Do scientists know everything about space and space travel?

No, they don't. There is so many (beyond numbers) galaxies that it is impossible to know everything.

How do scientists know what chemicals are like?

because everything is consider chemicals

Why do you need to know maths?

Maths is everything. Maths can even be used by forensic scientists to create a figure of a whole body from a footprint. Anything that you can think of relates to maths in some form or another.

What are amibas how to know you have them?

amibas are little tiny creatures. and we know have them because scientists wanted to figure out if they are real of not.

Did Rachel Carson work with other scientists?

not that i know of I am trying to figure that out

How do scientists know atoms exist if atoms are so small?

Atoms could be identified by various technique. Single crystal X-ray diffraction is the most important in that.

What evidence has led scientists to predict will the universe continue forever?

they know everything