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It kinda depends on how you define "occupy". Todays military bases in both Japan and Germany are offshoots of the original occupation. Widespread occupation in both cases remained at least a year or so after the cessation of hostilities and gradualy coalesced into military bases as the respective governments became able to maintain peace on their own. We still maintain a large number of bases in both countries. There was no specific "turn over the reins and leave" point as some want to occur currently in Iraq. The island of Okinawa, for example, was not returned to Japanese control until 1972, prior to that it was governed by the Americans.


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Actually, nowadays Germany is in fourth position, after the US, Japan and China. The country has a large, well educated population.

Korea, Taiwan and large parts of China (including Manchuria).

I believe to this day there are still air force bases in Germany (certain about this one), Japan, Italy. If you mean a large scale occupation, I would think around 2 to 3 years - that's a guess.

the us did not give back okinowa until the early 70's. They still have a large base

Japan played a large part in World War II. It attacked most its neighboring countries in Asia and was an ally of Nazi Germany. Japan also caused the United States to enter the war by attacking Pearly Harbor and killing 2,403 US service members and 68 civilians.

The World War II was against 2 large military alliances- the Axis(Germany, Italy and Japan) and the Allies(UK, US, Russia and France) The Philippines then, was under the America.

no it got it from its ally Romania in their oil fieldsMore InformationJapan went to war in large part because it had no oil. It was hardly in a position to assist its ally Germany in that respect.Germany received petroleum shipments primarily from the Middle East, but also from conquered territories such as Romania. In addition, Germany built what was probably the most advanced synthetic petroleum program in the world at the time, and produced much of its own needs right up to the end of the war.

The were a large threat to countries in Europe.

Japan has made use of a large and highly disciplined labor force.

Brilliant leadership, patriotism, and the large population of Germany.

Do a Google search for World War 2 combatants. You'll find that almost every large nation was involved including the US, Germany, Japan, England, France, Russia (Soviet Union) Australia, and more

Electrons occupy a very large volume compared to the nucleus of an atom. This is due to the smaller mass of electrons compared to the nucleus.

Japan did become one of the worlds most known nation since World War 2. Japan is a large country.

From what I have read, it only took one day for Germany to occupy Denmark. The reasons why is because it isn't very large, not in a very good defensive position, and it largely disarmed it's army prior to the war.

It was divided into two: East Germany (communism) and West Germany (capitalism). They had to pay large sums of money.

To a very large extent it was about whether Europe was to be dominated by Germany.

i have no clue By constructing a large, modern military army that would conquer land in china, aided Germany with air assaults in Europe, and devastated us with the attack on Pearl Arbor.

During WWII Japan had about 6 million men under arms, Germany had approximately 10 million.

Japan is a large island with many little islands around it.

Both Germany and Japan made miscalculations about the power of the United States and its impact if it entered the war.Germany and Japan underestimated the US ability to produce large numbers of high quality weapons, aircraft, ships, vehicles, and ammunition in sufficient time to be used against them, as early as 1942. They also underestimated the US ability to greatly increase the size of the US Merchant Marine fleet to support the world-wide operations of the US & its Allies. They underestimated the ability of the US to build a large Army and a very large Air Force. They underestimated the fighting capability and skill of the US soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and merchant sailors, and the skill & leadership of the Generals and Admirals. They greatly underestimated the fighting resolve & steadfastness of the US nation to overcome all obstacles to force the unconditional surrender of both Germany and Japan.

The "official" beginning to World War Two was when Germany invaded Poland, however, a very large and important theater had already been open for three years, as Japan had launched a general invasion of China in 1936.

America was helping Britain on the quiet, using lease lend of ships in return for America being allowed to gain bases on British controlled countries. It was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour that brought America to declare war on Japan. Then Germany, as an ally of Japan, also declared war on America. This brought America directly into becoming a member of the Allied forces and to help fight against Germany and Japan. It was the industrial might and vast manpower of America that swung the tide against Nazis Germany and Japan's aim of conquering large areas of the Earth.

Do a Google search for World War 2 combatants. You'll find that almost every large nation was involved including the US, Germany, Japan, England, France, Russia (Soviet Union) Australia, and more

Every large city in the UK was bombed during World War II.

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