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I believe to this day there are still air force bases in Germany (certain about this one), Japan, Italy. If you mean a large scale occupation, I would think around 2 to 3 years - that's a guess.


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The major countries that were Axis in WWII are Germany, Italy and Japan.

The main three countries of the Axis powers in World War 2 were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

the countries on the side of the axis were Germany, Italy, japan, Finland and other smaller European countries

The Axis powers were the countries which fought the Allies in World War II For a list, see the link below

I don't think there was a grouping called the Axis in WWI, the Axis was in WWII.

The countries that were included in the Axis Powers, during the time that World War II was taking place, were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

The Axis powers were the countries that were allies of Nazi Germany.

Germany was one of the axis power countries in World War 2.

The countries of Germany, Italy and Japan made up the Axis Powers of World War II. The Axis Powers were enemies with Allied Forces, which included the United States and several other European countries.

The Axis countries were Germany, Japan and Italy

The Axis nations of WW2 were Germany, Japan and Italy.

During the second World War the axis powers were Germany, Italy and (from December 1941) Japan.

All Axis occupied countries had a resistance movement

It was not simply two countries, but it was the Axis and Allied Powers.

All of the axis look up ww2 on wikipedia and it tell you the axis

Their war-aims - to defeat the Axis troops, and occupy defeated Germany.

Countries siding with Germany were called: Axis Powers

Germany, Italy, and Japan are considered the main 3 countries of the Axis, though Japan is not in Europe. I believe that is the answer you are searching for, as there were greater than 3 Axis countries in Europe.

Germany, Italy, Japan were the three axis powers during World War 2

Germany, Italy, and Japan were the 3 axis powers

The Axis powers were the countries that supported Germany. The Allied powers were the countries that fought against the Axis and helped to regain peace in the axis countries.

Allied Countries (US, UK, France) and Axis Countries (Germany, Italy, Japan)

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