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How long did the battle of Puebla last?

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The battle of Puebla lasted less than four hours on May 5, 1862. Because it showed the resolve of the Mexicans to fight the French occupiers in Mexico, it is celebrated annually as the Cinco de Mayo.

The French commander, General Charles de Lorencez, did not start an artillery barrage of Puebla and two other forts until shortly before noon, but exhausted all of his ammunition by 3 PM. When the daily rains arrived, it stymied the French troops, who fell back. As many as 462 soldiers were killed and more than 300 wounded.

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How long did battle of Puebla last?

Just over three hours.

How long did the Battle of Puebla last and in what year did it end?

It ended on may fifth in 1862 and did'nt even last 24 hours from cheyenne barron

When did Battle of Puebla happen?

Battle of Puebla happened on 1862-05-05.

How long did the conflict last between Mexico and France after the Battle of Puebla?

5 fat years@ Mexico. France @9 fat years

Were the Mexicans well prepared for the battle of puebla?

were the mexicans well-prepared for the battle of puebla

What was the name of the town where the battle of Cinco de Mayo was won?

The town is Puebla and the battle is called The Battle of Puebla.

When was the battle at Puebla fought?

The Battle of Puebla was fought on Cinco de Mayo 1862 in Mexico,

How do you pronounce la batalla de puebla?

Battle of Puebla

Where did the Battle of Puebla take place?

Just outside of the City of Puebla, in the State of Puebla, Mexico.

How badly were the French outnumbered at the Battle of Puebla?

The French had a two to one advantage when the lost the Battle of Puebla.

What does the battle of puebla represent o the Mexican people?

what does the Battle of Puebla represent to the Mexican people

What is the battle of Puebla in 1862 in Spanish?

La Batalla de Puebla

What does Batalla De Puebla mean in English?

It means battle of Puebla.

Who was the president of France during the battle of Puebla?

Emperor Napoleon III led France during the Battle of Puebla.

What is the name of the battle on may fifth?

Battle of Puebla

Who fought in the Battle of Puebla?

Mexicans and Americans fought in the battle of Puebla

The name of the battle of Cinco de Mayo?

the battle of Puebla!*!*!

What was Mexicos battle cry at battle of puebla?

geee dang it get on that but in spanish

What battle did Mexico fight on the 5th of May in 1862?

The Battle of Puebla.

When was the Battle of Puebla?

May 5th, 1862

What events led to the battle of puebla?


What is the importance of battle of puebla?

it is important because it is

Who won the battle of 5 of may?

The Battle of Puebla. Mexico defeated France.

Where was the main battle of Cinco de Mayo?

in puebla

What weapons did the French use at the battle of Puebla?


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