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The Beast has until his 21st birthday to find love and Lumiere mentions that they have been "Rusting" 10 years, meaning that Beast was turned into...well... a age 11.

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Q: How long did the beast in beauty in the beast have to find true love?
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What is the dramatic question in Beauty and the Beast?

Could a Beauty ever learn to love a Beast? Can a Beast learn to love? Can a Beauty look beneath the Beast to find the human inside?

Who did the beast Out of Beauty and the Beast fall in love with?

Beauty (also known as Belle).

Who sings Beauty and the Beast don't fall in love?

There is no song called "Don't Fall in Love" in Beauty and the Beast.

What is the problem in the story Beauty and the Beast?

The conflict in the fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, is for Belle to try to fall in love with the Beast so the love between them will break the curse on the Beast.

What are some of the songs on Beauty and the Beast?

In the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, some of the songs are "Be Our Guest", "Beauty and the Beast", "Gaston", and "Belle". In the Broadway there are new songs not in the animated movie, like "How Long Must This Go On?" and "If I Can't Love Her".

What is the theme of Beauty and the Beast?


In Beauty and the Beast how long has the Beast got to make Belle fall in love with him?

Before the last petal on the enchanted rose falls

What is the big idea in Beauty and the Beast?

The "Big Idea," or theme, of Beauty and the Beast is that love is blind. That is, a beautiful woman can love a hideous man.

Who was the egomaniac in love with Belle in Beauty and the Beast?


Who has the egomaniac in love with belle in Beauty and the Beast?


Who was the egomanic in love with belle on the Beauty and the Beast?


What does belle belief in beauty and the beast?

she beliefs in love

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