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Cavemen lived 20,000 years ago in the prehistoric age. Meaning BC before Christ There is no certain answer since there is really no written history for cavemen

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How long did cavemen live?

The average lifespan of a caveman was 30 years

What did caveman live in?


What year did caveman live?


How many types of caveman lived or live?

there are 3 types of caveman that lived million years ago

Did a caveman kill the dinosaurs by putting francium in a lake?

No. Dinosaurs were long extinct when 'caveman' came on the scene.

When did the last caveman die?

A long time ago

What nicknames does Daniel Caveman Diaz go by?

Daniel Caveman Diaz goes by Caveman, and Synyster Caveman.

Where did caveman live?

In caves (Of course) but also sheltered areas that had protection from the elements.

What kind of homes did cavemen live in?

By literal definition a 'caveman' would have lived in a cave.

When was William 'Caveman' Lee born?

William 'Caveman' Lee was born in 1956.

Who was caveman Charlie?

caveman charlie i a person that loves you

What actors and actresses appeared in The Caveman - 2009?

The cast of The Caveman - 2009 includes: Colby Haggerty as The Caveman

What do you call a caveman in love with another caveman?

Homo Erectus.

What does the word caveman in Spanish?

"Cavernícola" means caveman in Spanish.

How long ago was Caveman Times?

From about 40,000 years ago to about 5,000 years ago. Even during the 'caveman times', most of the people living then did not live in caves but in primitive dwellings made of wood and clay, clustered in small villages. Evidence suggests that many of the caves were not actually used for living in, but for ceremonies and gatherings.

What did one caveman say to the other caveman?

i will see you in two moons

What member of the Beatles played in the classic film caveman?

Ringo was in Caveman.

Is caveman plural or singular?

Caveman is singular. Cavemen is plural.

What is the duration of Caveman film?

The duration of Caveman - film - is 1.52 hours.

What is Stanley yelnats's nickname in holes?

Stanley's nickname is caveman

Who started the Indian martial arts?

The first caveman to hit another caveman and teach yet another caveman to do it again. No one knows

Was dinosaurs in the same era as caveman?

no dinosaurs died out before caveman came....

How tall is Daniel Caveman Diaz?

Daniel Caveman Diaz is 5' 10".

Is the word caveman plural or singular?

Caveman is singular. Cavemen is plural.

When was Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer created?

Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer was created in 1988.