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Most historians generally accept the year 1961 as the starting date, and the North did conquer South Vietnam in 1975.

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Q: How long did the conflict in Vietnam last?
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How many americans died in the vietnam conflict-?

About 51000 Americans died in the Vietnam conflict.

How long did the Chinese takeover in Vietnam last?

1000 years

How long did Chinese rule of Vietnam last?

1,000 years.

Who long did the Vietnam last?

The war lasted 10 years.

How long did Vietnam war last?

It lasted 10 years.

Why is the conflict in Iraq similar to the conflict in Vietnam?

The US is NOT at war with Iraq. The US was at war with North Vietnam.

How long was the US in the Vietnam conflict?

Started with Ike (Eisenhower) in '55, ended with Ford in '75.

What is the conflict for the book cracker the best dog in Vietnam?

one of the conflict is that cracker didn't want to go to the Vietnam

Explain how the US became involved in the Vietnam conflict?

Explain how the United States became involved in the Vietnam conflict.

How long did the conflict in South Africa last?

4 years

When did the Vietnam conflict end?


When did the conflict in Vietnam start?


Who was apart of the Vietnam conflict?


What are some conflicts that begin with the letter v?

The Vietnam War was a conflict. The Long War around 1600 was a conflict fought over the Balkan territories.

How long did the darfur genocide conflict last?

it lasted for 100 years

What happened to Vietnam after the conflict?

North and South Vietnam were reunited as a Communist state.

What is a creative name for a Vietnam war project?

How about "Conflict and Combat: The Vietnam War"

How long did the Vietnam war last for America?

3 minutes 24 seconds

Treaty that ended the Vietnam conflict?

No treaty

What is the Vietnam conflict about?

Stopping communist aggression.

What war went on in the 1960s?

the conflict in Vietnam

Were there any conflicts during the Vietnam War?

Certainly. A war is determined explicitly by the presence of conflict. If there was not conflict in Vietnam, there would not have been a war.

How did the Vietnam conflict divide Americans?

America was divided into supporters and protesters of the Vietnam conflict. the supporters were called hawks while protesters were called doves

How long did Vietcong last?

They are still there they were the victors in the war with the US and now rule Vietnam.

How did the Americans get around in the Vietnam Conflict?

Helicopter And Foot !