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How long do Green Woodpeckers live?


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up to 15 years


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Green woodpeckers are widespread in England and Wales. They are known to inhabit open deciduous woodlands, and areas where there is plenty of short grass.

Because they need to peck into the trees

Yes, woodpeckers live in the forest.

Pileated Woodpeckers live in The Temperate Forest

Yes, woodpeckers do live in the forest trees

What kind of woodpeckers live in a cactus plant?

Most woodpeckers live on trees. Red woodpeckers live on trees, too. They peck trees and find the living insects inside to eat.

Woodpeckers generally live in heavily wooded or plains areas. Woodpeckers usually do not live in swamps as the air in swamps is very humid and keeps wood damp.

woodpeckers live in trees. they peck on the wood to find termites and to make a home.

woodpeckers do live in forest trees. they actually live in many places. not deserts. published by Dr. Hillian

There are many woodpeckers that are alive. There are many places to find information on live woodpeckers like the library.

Woodpeckers live mostly in cavities in trees, but some have adapted to living in cacti in the Southwest US.

Wilson, and others estimated this critically endangered woodpecker can live 12-15 years.

the green algae live for 3 days.

No they live in descents also called flocks.

Woodpeckers live where there are trees so in forests and woods and stuff. Sometimes you can even see them in your backyard!

I think it depens on how an animal"s diet.

however long you want them to live for

i think this is right if not sorry: during the winter male and female green woodpeckers live separately but stay in the nesting area all year round. sorry if not good answer.

Woodpeckers eat nuts, berries, termites, grubs, and other bugs that live inside trees. It pecks through the wood of a tree to find the bugs living inside. That is why their beaks are so long... and strong!

Since I know a lot about birds, I have to say woodpeckers don't need to live in a specific tree, they can live in any kind of tree. They can live in any tree except trees that are down.

green anacondas can live up to 10 years in the wild

Woodpeckers are insectivores and feed on hybernating insects in winter. Green woodpeckers in particular prefer an ant diet, but if the ant nests are made inaccessible by ice and snow, they will also attack bee hives.

There are several species of woodpeckers that live in different habitats. Woodpeckers tend to live in areas where they are concealed from predators and where they can find plenty of food.

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