How long do Lovebirds live?

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How long can Lovebirds live?

I have a lutino peachface and I heard anywhere from 15-30 years.

How many years a lovebirds can live?

It depends when a lovebirds can live. It can be around 6 months up or what so ever. It only lives w/ a partner.

Birds in the savanna?

I heard somewhere Lovebirds live in the savanna

What do lovebirds eat besides seeds?

Lovebirds live in small flocks and eat fruit, vegetables, grasses and seed. Black-winged Lovebirds also eat insects and figs, and the Black-collared Lovebirds have a special dietary requirement for native figs, making them problematic to keep in captivity.

How long will lovebirds eggs take?

2-4 weeks

What do lovebirds symbolize?

Lovebirds symbolize strength and power. They live in cages in pairs. If one lovebird in the pair dies, the other lovebird will usually die soon after.

Where do lovebirds live?

Africa except for The Grey-headed Lovebird which is native to Madagascar.

How long does it take for baby lovebirds to hatch?

21 to 23 days

How long do lovebirds have to stay with their mom?

About 3-5 weeks to be helthy.

How long does it take lovebirds to lay a egg?

10 days after mating

When was The Lovebirds created?

The Lovebirds was created in 2007.

Why lovebirds are called lovebirds?

lovebirds are called lovebirds because in celtic mythology, Aengus the god of love was shown with for tiny birds flying around his head.

Can lovebirds and parakeets live in the same cage?

Yeah i have a male lovebird & 2 female parakeets & they are just fine. Although other people have really aggresive lovebirds. luckily i don't

How long do lovebirds sleep for?

they sleep for approximately 70 minutes I hope I helped

What has the author Georg A Radtke written?

Georg A. Radtke has written: 'Lovebirds' -- subject(s): Lovebirds 'Book of Lovebirds'

What are lovebirds called when they hatch?

Baby lovebirds are called chicks.

Lovebirds eggs are edible?

It is not advisable to eat lovebirds' eggs.

How long do baby lovebirds stay with their mothers after they hatch?

About 7 weeks or depends

You and your partner may be lovebirds but what kind of birds are real lovebirds?


What is the duration of Singing Lovebirds?

The duration of Singing Lovebirds is 1.15 hours.

Do lovebirds urinate?

Lovebirds don't urinate, they only poop, they discharge liquids ans solids together. visit for more on Lovebirds

Can lovebirds and parakeets breed?

Lovebirds and parakeets are separate species and they can't interbreed.

When was Singing Lovebirds created?

Singing Lovebirds was created on 1939-12-14.

How will you know if the baby lovebirds is hungry?

If your baby lovebirds are hungry you will hear them chatter.

Do lovebirds have ears?

Yeah, most birds do, hidden under the feathers. Same for Lovebirds.

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