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How long do bassett hounds live?

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The answer to the question of how long Canis familiaris,

specifically Basset Hounds, will live, is entirely dependent on

care of the animal, starting with, not just the immediate family,

but preceding generations. Proper medical treatment by qualified

individuals, proper diet, and proper habitat (even if this includes

habitation within a home and little outdoor exposure), is vital to

the longevity of these animals.

Because this is a breed bred almost exclusively for hunting

purposes, it would stand to reason that moderate exercise would

necessitate a healthy lifestyle, thus increasing their longevity.

This should be coupled with moderate amounts of fresh, clean water,

especially during exertion such as exercise (water should always be

available to a dog). Be certain to ask a veterinarian or other

qualified individual about exercising a pet, as this can depend on

their health and other factors.

According to current surveys in the United Kingdom, where this

breed is common (it is believed to be of French origination through

tapestries of hunting and mention in texts throughout the Middle

Ages and earlier, even down to its French namesake), Basset Hounds

range in longevity from 10-20 years. However, the populations

surveyed are rather small, and can also be from hunting stock,

which can be of differing lifestyle and lineage than modern pet

Basset Hounds.[1]

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