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The length of time you have to have braces on depends on what needs to be done to your teeth. The average is about 2 years, I'd say. The cost varies from office to office and probably state to state. And it also depends on what you need. But average is probably about 3 to 5 thousand dollars. Some insurances will pay for a part of it. Most won't.

Most offices have lots and lots of colors. Clear, grey, white, many shades of red, yellow, blue, orange, red, purple, green, etc. They have some with a bit of sparkles in them. Shades of brown. Probably black. Every office will have a little bit different variety, but they all have lots of colors.

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  • Braces have to stay on for usually 2 years, 1 minimum. It all depends on how your teeth are aligned. The worse the teeth are, the longer the braces will have to stay on. Sometimes it also depends on whether you listen to your orthodontist because they're usually the ones who advises you to help you towards your goal with your teeth. Braces usually cost 5,000 to 7,000 dollars. The bands are usually available in a variety of colors such as the colors of the rainbow, gray, black, brown, white, tooth-colored, clear, and even sparkly, metallic, and glow-in-the-dark bands.

Colored braces are a cool new trend but, they make you need braces a lot longer.

Cost for everything (office visits, retainer, lab stuff, etc.) could be nearly 10k all in. I always found that grey bands made the braces way less noticeable. You would think the white ones would be best, but they made it look like you had plaque all over your teeth.

If you or your parents decide that you need braces, you're bound to have pain. I should know, I have had them for going on 3 months now. You DO NOT want to skip an appointment, that just makes the treatment longer. Also, go to, it will tell you exactly what is going to happen- when you get your braces on for the first time, wire changing, and many other useful things. If you have bad eyeteeth (like I do), then you'll have to have rubber bands to pull them down. Just a little tip: they HURT! You can't eat with rubber bands in. Also, rubber bands can only be used once. They have to be changed at least once a day. And actually, colored braces are the same price as the other kind, and they DON'T make you need braces longer.

my braces cost $5850 and i have a very minor case..

In the UK braces are free on the NHS. At my orthodentist their a a large variety of colours; browns, whites, blacks, greys all the way to neons. If you don't like these colours, then you can always change them the next time you get them tightened. I've had my braces tightened three times now and I've just had a new, thicker wire placed on. I was told by a friend that once you get the first thick wire on it's about 6-8 months until you get your braces off.


I live in the UK and to go private you have to pay about four thousand pounds for your regular train-tracks, if you like. Or you can go on the waiting list for the NHS, which I did, but that meant I couldn't get colours put in. But at some orthodontists they will do colours for you. Getting colours doesn't slow down the process. Braces really stay on depending on the case and how well you care for them. x

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Q: How long do braces have to stay on and how much do they usually cost and what color of bands are available?
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Do you get to pick the color of your braces?

The braces are made of metal but the rubber bands that hold the metal together yes you get to pick the color or colors of the bands but you are usually allowed to pick 2 colors for the bands.

What color bands can you get for braces?

From hot pink to teal to clear, there's a lot. There should be a little chart that tells what colors are available.

What color would the rubber bands be if you had to get braces?

I would choose Gold and Coral:)

What color bands on braces make you teeth look whiter?

pink and blue

Do people get to choose what color braces they want?

I think you can choose what color bands you want, for the front of your braces. Though the braces themselves are just silver, or metal-colored I guess. I really am not sure, since I have never had braces, but my friends have had them.

What color is damian mcgintys braces?

Damian had regular silverish gray braces and sometimes he has different colored bands to go over them

When can you get colorful rubber bands on your braces?

Well, when you go to the orthodontist, they will give you a pack of usually pale or white colored bands. If you want another color, ask if there are any more colors available. If you want colored bands on your actual appliance, you should ask about that to. You can't buy them yourself, only orthodontists put them on and can order them. Good Luck!

What are colors of braces?

Braces are mostly metal and are usually silver. There are a number of bands that are used to hold the metal in place and they are made of plastic. They can be any color and the Ortho will usually give you several dozen to choose from. april 28, 2010 thanks this helped me a bit

What color were the bands that went over Damian McGinty's braces?

The ones that i saw were silver and a dark purple.

Whats The Best Color To Get Your Braces?

You are able to get any color you like with your braces as the bands come in many different colors. I would not recommend getting clear or white though, as the food you eat has a tendancy to discolor them.

Do you get to choose colors for Damon braces?

No. The only color you can have is if you have rubber bands, which can be taken out. The brackets are clear or metal. :) Good luck!

What colors are available for braces?

any color usaly ask the person doing your braces to see the color weal it has all colors and it has 3 rows and you can pick out as meny colors as you want! the first time i got braces i picked out a light color and i only did one colorto get used to it.

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