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How long do chickens lay eggs?

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Generally 2-3 years. Some especially productive hens lay for 7 years.

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Can chickens not lay eggs?

Chickens do lay eggs, if that is what you mean.

Do chickens lay eggs or give birth?

Chickens lay eggs.

How do chickens get eggs?

The chickens lay the eggs

If 1.5 chickens can lay 1.5 eggs in 1.5 days how long would it take 2 chickens to lay 8 eggs?

Four days.

Do you need a hen for a chicken to lay eggs?

Hens are chickens.Hens are female chickens and lay eggs.Roosters are male chickens and do not lay eggs.So your answer is YES, you need a hen to lay eggs.

Do chickens lay eggs?

Yes they do. Adult female chickens (hens) lay eggs.

How do you get chickens to lay golden eggs?

Sorry, chickens just do not lay golden eggs.

Do boy chickens lay eggs?

Boy chickens are called roosters and no, they do not lay eggs.

Do chickens lay eggs in the winter?

It depends where you are and what you do to the chickens, but it's rare that they lay eggs in the winter.

Do we force chickens to lay eggs?

No - it's completely natural for chickens to lay eggs every day. Some chickens are bred to lay eggs almost every day.

Why don't meat king chickens lay eggs?

Simple logic: Meat queen chickens lay eggs; meat king chickens lay meat queen chickens.

Do chickens lay watermelons?

no they lay eggs THEY DON'T!! but some chickens lay eggs that turn into chicks over time

How often do Plymouth rock chickens lay eggs?

The chickens lay eggs every day and lay about 5 at a time.

Do all chickens lay eggs?

The females from all breeds of chickens lay eggs. Some hens stop laying when they are old, but there are no breeds or varieties of chickens in which the females do not lay eggs. Roosters, as the male of the species, never lay eggs.

How do chickens lay eggs in minecraft?

Chickens on Minecraft seem to lay eggs at random regardless of where they are standing. Chickens tend to lay eggs about every seven minutes. The best way to get eggs is to get more chickens, and then fence them in so they do not wander off.

Do boy hens lay eggs am trying to say do boy hens lay eggs all year?

Hens are mom chickens and roosters are dad chickens. Only mom chickens, hens, lay eggs. They lay eggs all year.

Do chickens or bunnies lay eggs?

chickens always have laid eggs so i guess chickens

What chickens lay the best eggs?

All chickens lay the bast eggs. In fact, it depends on happiness and health.

Do white chickens lay white eggs?

Not necessarily. Different breeds of chickens lay different colored eggs.

Where do chickens lay their eggs from?

Chickens have a cloaca. It lays its eggs through that organ.

What are the operations of a chickens body?

Chickens lay eggs.

Do chickens need roosters to produce eggs?

Chickens can and do lay eggs without roosters. Roosters are needed for chickens to lay fertile eggs, from which new chickens can hatch. Unfertilized eggs never hatch, but they are sold as food.

Do chickens lay more eggs than eagles?

YES Chickens can lay one egg per day depending on the breed of hen. Chickens can lay all year long depending on conditions.An eagle will lay a clutch of one to three eggs per yearly season.

Which breeds of chickens lay eggs?

Female chickens lay eggs. All breeds of chickens lay eggs. That's how they reproduce, so that the species does not go extinct. Although some breeds lay more eggs than others, some lay 350 a year and some only lay 100

How Do chickens lay infertile eggs?

As long as there is no rooster around to mate with the hens, you will not receive fertile eggs.