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10 to 20 years

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How do chinchillas survive in the wild?

they survive because of the rodents iteats in the wild

Where do wild chinchillas live in the wild?

in the ground

What do wild chinchillas eat?

chinchillas eat fruits and vegetables they are scavengers

What do chinchillas eat in the wild?

In the wild chinchillas eat fruits, plants, seeds, insects and sometimes tree bark.

Can chinchillas survive in the US?

Yes they can:)

What do chinchillas do in the wild?

go extinct

Are all chinchillas endangered?

Wild chinchillas are rare but not endangered, many chinchillas are raised in Chinchilla farms and the species is not in danger of extinction.

What berrys do chinchillas eat?

They eat any sort of wild berrys. Remembers, Chinchillas are herbavores

Where do chinchillas live?

In the wild chinchillas live in south America but,some people prefer to keep them as pets.

Are there programs for endangered chinchillas?

Yes. There is an organization called Save the Wild Chinchillas. The web address is:

Can a domestic rabbit survive in the wild?

A domestic rabbit may be able to survive in the wild for a short period of time. But generally no they cannot survive the wild. They do not have the instincts needed. They do not know how to escape predators or survive winters. A domestic rabbit would not last too long in the wild.

How long are chinchillas pregnant?

chinchillas are pregnant for about 111 days.

How long does a red fox survive in the wild?

In captivity, their longevity can be as long as 15 years, though in the wild they typically do not survive past 5 years of age.

How do chinchillas adapt?

We have a chinchilla and he is not like oher chinchillas he hates other chinchillas and loves food he lived in a shed but we rescued him I don't really understand what you mean by adapt i only know what's it's like in a home not the wild because most chinchillas get eaten in the wild and live in the ground

Can a domestic hamster survive in the wild?

Yes, a domesticated hamster may survive in the wild, however, they may not survive for long. You see, domestic hamsters, or any domestic animal in that matter, do not have the necessary instincts and survival skills that they need in order to survive in the wild.

Where are chinchillas found?

in the wild Chile domedticly pet stores

How does a camel survive the wild?

most cannot survive long. the average life of a camel is 7 weeks

How long can a domestic rabbit survive for in the wild?

Usually not long, as domestic rabbits lack the instincts to survive predators in the wild like wild rabbits do. It really depends on the breed as they are different sizes, shapes and some are born with natural instinct.

Are there wild chinchillas in America?

Chinchillas are native to south america. They are not naturally found anywhere esle unless someone releases a pet.

How long can moles survive?

About 6 in capitivity but 3 to 4 if in wild

Are chinchillas endangered?

yes. chinchillas were highly endangered in the 1900's but now they arent so rare. wild chinchillas are endangered a little i think. but now they have chinchillas in some pet stores so they cant bt TOO endangered!

Can Koalas survive in the wild?

Of course. Koalas are wild animals, and they survive independently in the wild.

Where can you find wild chinchillas?

Mainly in the mountains of Chile in S. America.

Where do chinchillas live in the wild?

They live in South America, primarily in the Andes.

Can gecko lizards survive with a broken leg in the wild?

As long as they can find food and get away from predators it should survive.