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Q: How long do chipping birds live?
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How long do frigate birds live?

Frigate Birds Live For 30 Years

How long do wagtails live for?

How long do wagtail and pipit birds live?

How long do birds in the wild live?

birds live about 23 year in the wild. than i think they die after that.

How long Venezuela Troupial birds live?


How long ago did dodo birds live?

about 1600s

How long do fantail birds live for?

Ten years

What range does the chipping sparrow live in?

A very common species, the chipping sparrow, Spizella Passerina, is found from Canada to Nicaragua. Only the arid southwestern U.S. lacks chipping sparrows.

How long do budgie birds live?

Budgie Birds can live from 4-8 years depending on how well you take care of it

How long do love-birds live?

They can live for anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

What kind of birds live in the taiga biome?

The birds that live in the taiga are long eared owl, bald eagle, geese, and hawks.

What pets live a long time?

parrots or other birds

Where does Jeremy clarkson live?

Jeremy Clarkson lives in chipping Norton.

How many people live in chipping sodbury?

about 2000 or more%2

How long does a bald eagle live for?

Bald eagles are long lived birds. They can live 20-30 years.

How long do swifts birds live for?

the bird swift live for 2200000000 years old!!

How long do umbrella birds live?

They can live up to and possibly beyond 80 years.

How long do secretary birds live?

Secretary birds can live up to about 15 years in the wild. They have lived up to about 19 years in captivity.

How long does a black cocatoo live for?

A black cockatoo can live for quite a long time. These birds can live for ten of years before dying.

Can you park on lose chipping?

no, you will destroy the car and the chipping [chipping could be fixed]

Where do birds live?

Birds live anywhere in the world, even in Antarctica. They live in trees, on the ground, in forests, and in deserts. Birds can live anywhere and can even be kept as pets. Most birds migrate to warmer areas when the weather starts to get chilly. To answer your question short, birds can live anywhere.

Where do a birds robin live?

where do robin birds live?

What birds live in mountain?

birds live in mountain

How long do Bird live in the wild?

birds live about 23 year in the wild. than i think they die after that.

How long does a birds live?

Depends on the environment, if its cold, warm, polluted, clean

How long do black birds live?

On average 3.4 years according to the RSPB.