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A little before your missed period and obviously after your missed period also.

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If you have your period, you are probably not pregnant.

just tell them it will be better when you do

Tell her that mom im pregnant and depending on who your mom is she'll understand.

you just tell him who it was and how it happend ok BE CALM

well it depends if your on your period

im 13 and im pregnant! im really worried. what should i do? Tell your parents or someone you trust they will help, or call childline.

Because your pregnant who did u have sex with come on and tell

You can tell if you are pregnant by keeping an eye on your periods also nausea and vomiting the size of your breasts increase...

tell the person u can trust the most and ask them if they can tell

You can tell if you're pregnant by taking a pregnancy test. The implant does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. Pregnancy is rare on the implant.

Just tell him straight out because you will need his support

sometimes you can tell but you can be on your period and still be pregnant

Just tell him your not, and keep trying until you are =) good luck

Tell your parents! Hopefully, they WON'T disown you.

i think you have towait ontill you miss your period to tell if you are pregnant.

If you have had the baby you were pregnant for the last 9 months. If you are trying to get pregnant again after having a baby just regulate your periods as usual and if you are late, head to the pharmacy and grab a test..

Yes but not for a long period of time

can you take a pregnancy test 9 days before your missed period and get the right answer? will it tell me if im pregnant

Its really easy to tell, are your nipples real brown?

If you are on your period and u take a pregnancy test and its negative maybe you tested too early, your not pregnant or your eggs aren't coming together fast enough to tell if your pregnant or not .

Just sit down the two of you and tell her straight out that you are pregnant. Who the father is will come naturally because she will ask who it is. There is no sugar coating this.

well if you're 16 and beautiful and you are a few months pregnant then yeah it is a possible chance they could tell your parents. because would you want your parents to find out later youre pregnant or just let the doctor tell them because either way they will find out eventually. so... am i the dad.

A Dr will be able to tell you if you are pregnant or not. You can also take a home pregnancy test.

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