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How long do male mice mate for?

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usally a few minutes 1-5

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Are male or female mice nicer?

Unlike the hamster, female mice are nicer if you want to get more than one. Male mice can get into fights causing death. females can get feisty when they are defending their young but the male can be feisty to prove himself to a mate or something

Do male mice bite the females when mating?

no they do not, they mate for roughly 5 minutes then separate for the female to have the babies.

How do mice mate?

Mice mate by a male sticking it's penis into a female mices vagina and a sperm meets up with an egg cell and forms a sniffing each other and getting to know each other

How long till you have to separate the male mice from the female mice?

4-6 weeks old

When do you separate the male mice from the females?

Do you mean baby mice? Baby female/male mice can start mating at about 6 weeks, and you are safe to separate them from there mother at 4 weeks, so the ideal time to separate them is about 5 weeks. If you mean 'when should you separate adult mice female/male' You should always have them separate unless you want them to mate.

How long will it take mice to mate?

for baby mice it can take up to 6 days or more 15 days at the most. mice babies run about $2.50-7.50 each

Do mice mate for life?


If you have 2 mice and they mate by the end of the year how many mice will there be after each of one another mate and so on?


Is mice male or female?

Mice can be male or female. Mice simply refers to the plural of mouse.

How do you bred mice?

Get a female mouse and male mouse, keep them in the same cage, they are likely to mate or breed if they're alone together.

Do male or female mice smell the least?

Male mice have a stronger smell than female mice.

Do sliver rice rat mate?

yes all mice mate

Do dwarf hamsters mate with mice?


Do male mice eat their young?

Yes. Male mice do eat there young

Can a male frog mate with another male frog?

No, male frogs can only mate with females.

Do male mice live longer than female mice?

I think fancy mice live longer than other mice but female mice will not live longer than male mice.

Why won't male platy fish mate with female platy fish?

They do mate! As long as you have 3 females with 1 male and you keep the tank well planted and at the right temp!

Adult male dog mate with young male dog?

no, only male and female dogs can mate. and they can't mate until they are fully grown.

When two groups of the same species are separated fro a long time and are then no longer able to mate?

If they are male and female they can still mate even if they have been parted for a long,long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How long can a female and a male dog mate And when do you stop them?

The female and male dog usually mate for at least 5 minutes, it is difficult to stop them once they have started mating especially after the ejaculation.

How do mice get pregnant?

they mate same as us

Do mice cry for a dead mate?

not literally

Do mice have testicles?

Yes, male mice do in order to get female mice pregnant.

How long should a male and female be together to mate?

til they both consent with thee

What month do hamsters mate?

Any month out of the year as long as a male and female are present.