How long do men spend time shaving in there lifetime?

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Some men don't ever shave and some men don't shave everyday. However, if you spent 3 minutes per day shaving, 6 days per week, from the age of 18 to 72, you would spend 50,544 minutes or 842.4 hours or just over 35 days.
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Do men shave their pubic hair?

Some do and many don't. It's all your choice. I wouldn't recommend it, though if you try it, use one of the "micro" type trimmers. Razors and shavers can cause nicks and cuts, and are much more prone to leaving you with ingrown hairs and terrible itching! "Micros" aren't perfect, but the best I've f ( Full Answer )

Why do men shave their pubic hair?

Some shave it because they like the clean feeling, some becausethey like how it looks. Others shave because a partner has askedthem to. In some cases it makes oral sex more enjoyable as thepartner who is giving has less of a chance of getting hair in theirmouth. Some shave just to see what it's like ( Full Answer )

How do men shave?

They generally take a Razor (gillette) or electronic shaver, and put shaving cream where they want to shave off, and the gently glide.

How many hours do you spend praying in your lifetime?

It depends entirely upon your belief system.. Some don't pray at all.. Others believe that they are always praying and there are many that are in between. Some believe that prayer wheels and prayer flags send prayers on behalf of the maker all the time.

Do men shave their legs?

Most men do not shave their legs, there are exceptions though, those who compete in cycle races are just one example. Generally we only shave our facial whisker's.

What type of women do men like spending time with?

Honestly it depends on the guy. An emo guy might prefer an emo girl. An athletic guy might prefer an athletic girl or a cheer leader. It all depends on what you may have in common with the guy.

How much time does the average person spend naked in their lifetime?

It can vary. It depends on: . how long you live . your lifestyle . the weather . if you have kids . if you have lots of windows . if you care that you have lots of windows . if you live in a nudist colony An estimate: If the only time you spend naked is when you're in the shower or gett ( Full Answer )

How much time will the average person spend pooping in their lifetime?

Approximately four years. Do the math: Average 10 minutes a day x 7 days in a week x 365 days in a year x 80 years / 60 (convert to hours) / 24 (days) Above math is false: Cameron calculated the average time in a weekbeing 70 minutes and multiplied it by the number of days there arein a year, thusl ( Full Answer )

What do men shave?

Most men in most cultures shave their face, no real reason to do so, just a cultural norm. The practice of face shaving may originate in a desire to be younger since facial hair comes with puberty & all young are born without visible facial hair. In some cultures and religions (ie.. Amish, some s ( Full Answer )

How much time in a lifetime does a person spend kissing?

Answer Well. It depends if your sexually active. If you don't have a partner, then there's a possibility that you don't make out much. If you DO have a partner, then there's the possibility that you spend some of your time kissing. Answer I don't know if any statistics have ever been compiled o ( Full Answer )

If a man says he like spending time with you what does that men?

Unless you think there is some reason he might be dishonest with you, he probably means exactly what he says. Men are simple. Even smart men are a little dumb. Assume a guy says what he means 90% of the time. Of course, most people, male and female will lie about sex, either to get it, get more of i ( Full Answer )

How did athenian men and women spend their time?

Athenian men worked in the mornings and they also discuss about politics and philosophy.On the other hand,Athenian women just stayed home and rarely even goes outside.They could only leave the house if a male relative went with them

How long do men last their first time?

so i was talking to a guy today and he said he lasted 20 mins his first tiime but did it again an hour after and stayed at 20 mins

Can men shave there pubic hair?

Yes! Of course, it's better to shave and trim. It's cleaner, it looks better and it's much more convenient.

How long does the average human spend dreaming in a lifetime?

Thank you for giving such an interesting question I'm going to be pretty quick about answering...humans go through about 3-4 sleep cycles each night but we will assume four...we get dreams in REM sleep which last 20 minutes per sleep cycle...2o minutes of REM per cycle for 4 cycles gives 80 minutes ( Full Answer )

How long does an average person spend farting in their lifetime?

You figure that people fart anywhere between 10 and 20 times a day. That's about a 30 seconds per day. That's over 182 minutes (about 3 hours) per year. So on average... A 70-year-old will have spent about 9 days farting. An 80-year-old will have spent about 10 days farting. A 90-year-o ( Full Answer )

Is 5 years in jail a long time to spend in jail?

Every day feels like infinity in a hellhole. Movies like Shawshank Redemption, Oz, and Prison Break do not even closely resemble what it feels like to be gang beaten or raped. I'm sorry for the extreme frankness, but no crime is worth it to be in prison for a single day.

Are men supposed to shave their arms?

Nobody is "supposed" to shave anything. But if a man wants to shave his arms, then he should feel free to do so. If he doesn't want to shave his arms, then he shouldn't have to. The choice is his own.

What happens to astronauts who spend a long time in a weightless environment?

they feel less confident on steping on the natural gravitational force Due to the lack of gravitational stresses on the body, the spine expands, causing the person to become taller, however, the lack of gravity also means less natural physical activity, and muscle atrophy can occur, meaning the mus ( Full Answer )

What body parts do men shave?

Men shave lots of parts on their body. They shave parts like their arm pits, chin(beard) ,head and mabey penus and that's pretty much it.

Can men shave?

Yes men can shave because ur gonna get harry soon down there and every where so well some men shave cause women hate hairy guys some keep it for the hell with it I have been shaving my pubes for the past 10 years Iave to say it,s cleanist feeling ever plenty on soap and a clean razor you wount go ( Full Answer )

Can spending long periods of time in a Jacuzzi be bad for you?

This depends on your age and health. If you are under 18, you should not get in to a jacuzzi. If you are an adult and have hypertension, high blood pressure, you should avoid jacuzzis and hot tubs. The hot isn't good for your body for long periods of time. Also, soaking for a long time in any water ( Full Answer )

How much does an average smoker spend in a lifetime?

its all about when they started smoking but lets just say they start at age 18. they live to age 70. they smoke 1 pack a week. and a pack costs 6 bucks (these numbers can vary) I would say about 16 thousand bucks if my numbers are correct

How many hours do you spend sleeping in your lifetime?

on average you sleep 9 hours a day and there is 365 days a year so 9 X 365 = 3285 hours a year and you live for approximately 60 years so on average you sleep for 197100 hours in 60 years !

Why do my husband spend more time with other men?

maybe they are just friends or he is having a fun time with them.if he is watching sport games,something with cars,or BBQing then he is just having fun with friends like when you were kids :) but if he spends the night with them or says ooo i just love so and so then he might be gay. maybe u can re ( Full Answer )

How much time does the average person spend in school during a lifetime?

Working on UK system... Assuming you're just talking about mainstream education starting at age 5 and leaving at age 16... 11 years = 4018 days. Subtract weekends (4018 - 1144 days), leaving 2874 days. Subtract main holidays... (2874-77 days) equals 2797 days - which is a little over 7.5 years.

Did Greek women and men spend a lot of time together?

The men were busy at a trade or farming, practising for andengaging in warfare. The women were busy looking after thechildren, supervising household slaves, working in the vegetablegarden. They were together enough to produce a lot of children.

How much time does a person spend at church for a lifetime?

This would greatly vary for each individual. If someone went for anhour every Sunday and lived 80 years they would have spent around4160 hours (about 173 days), of their life in church--that is,assuming they attended (were taken to church) every Sundaybeginning right after they were born and continu ( Full Answer )

Who shaves men?

A variety of people. Barbers, hair stylists, the men themselves,the men's family members, sometimes strangers (there is a guy whogoes around giving free shaves and haircuts to homeless people forinstance).