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Moles live up to 6 years in captivity and 3-4 years in the wild. They only live for this long because of preditors and lack of food.

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How long do marsupial moles live?

It is unknown what the lifespan of marsupial moles is, but it is believed to be from two to four years.

What do moles live in?

Moles live in Holes! Under Ground

How big are moles?

There are three kinds of (mammalian) moles: moles, golden moles, and marsupial moles. Moles are 2.4 to 22 cm long. Golden moles are 8 to 20 cm long. Marsupial moles are 12 to 16 cm long.

Where does a mole live?

moles live in a burrow which is a long hole with a number of molehills that are spread along the burrow (which is underground)

Were does starnosed moles live?

Starnose moles live in the east coast and are often seen swimming.

Do moles live underground or in bushes?

Moles are known for living underground.

What desert do blind moles live in?

They live in the rainforest

Do moles live in the rainforest?

Moles can live almost anywhere in the world. They live underground, so they can survive in harsher climates. So yes, they can live in the rain forest.

Do moles live in America?


Do moles live in anrtica?

no it is to cold for them

Do golden moles live in Australia?

No. There are no golden moles in Australia. There are no true moles in Australia, as moles are placental mammals, but there are two species of marsupial mole, known as the Itjaritjari and the Kakarratul.

Do people with moles live longer?

No. In fact some moles may develop into skin cancer.

How many moles are present in two hundredths of a gram of KOH?

None. Moles live underground.

How long is a moles tail?

how long is a mole's tail

Where do goats live and what are there traits?

I hate moles

Where in the world do moles live?

Watch out its behind you!

What shy animals live in burrows?


Do moles live in a set of tunnels?


What is a moles habitat?

Moles are animals which live on both the surface and below the ground. Moles have a special capability to live in low oxygen areas. They love to stay in farms and on lawns as they can eat the roots of plants without uprooting them.

Why do moles live under ground?

Because it provides food and shelter for them to live

Where do moles live?

Under ground to catch its pray!

What type of animals that live in mines?

rodents and moles

Which are the animals that live in borrows?

Rabbits. Moles and gophers

Where do star nose moles live?

south america

Do moles give birth?

Yes, the animals called moles give birth to live young, as opposed to laying eggs. Moles, as in spots on the body, do not give birth.