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Most reptiles sleep about 75% of the day, but not all at once. They will sleep a few hour here and a few hours there. A turtle such as a red ear slider, can either sleep underwater or on land. My turtle will normally sleep when I have the light of and when they are basking throughout the day.

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How long can red eared sliders sleep under water for?

They can sleep for as long as they want some like to sleep on their rock while some like to sleep underwater both of my sliders love to sleep underwater.

Do red eared sliders sleep?

They do in Fact Sleep under water.

Do Baby Red Eared Sliders sleep a lot when they are young?

Baby red-eared sliders sleep as much as possible when they are young. In nature, they prefer to sleep on rocks or floating in shallow water.

Can redeared sliders an red clawed crabs live together?

No, these two animals cannot live together well. The turtle will often attack the crab in an effort to eat it, and it is not advisable for them to live in the same tank together.

Where do red eared sliders sleep?

Usually turtles sleep in the water with their head sticking out for air.



How long can red eared sliders stay under water?

Red eared sliders can stay under the water for as long as 6 hours! Amazing right?

When retrofitting regular dacron cruising mainsail to regular sliders what should be the distance between sliders for a 10-12 meters long sailboat?

The sliders shouldl be 60 cms apart.

Do boy red eared sliders have long nails?


How often do RES and yellow belly sliders sleep?

Yes they do sleep. That is exactly what mine is doing right now. He sleeps a good bit during the day and whenever.

How long does a sea otter sleep and how does it sleep?

How long does a sea otter sleep and how does it sleep?

Can red eared sliders live with geese?

Sure, they do it in the wild. If you have pet red eared sliders and geese then as long as the geese don't pick on the the turtles you will be fine.

How long do lemurs sleep?

how long do lemers sleep

How do red eared sliders hibernate?

They dig a hole in the mud with their long claws

Do red eared sliders eat snails?

Yes, as long as they can fit in their mouth.

How old do red-eared sliders and yellow-belly sliders have to be to mate?

Females have to be about 5-7 years old, 7 in. long. Males 2-5 years, old 4 inches long.

How do pond sliders behave?

how do pond sliders behave

What is the duration of Sliders?

The duration of Sliders is 2640.0 seconds.

How long do yellow bellied sliders live?

35-40 years with proper care

How long do tigers sleep?

Tigers usually sleep as long as humans do.

How long does it take to identify the gender of a redeared slider turtle?

if your turtle is a male you will see a bump on either side of its tail. if its a female its more likely to be aggressive and will only have a slight bump on either side of it's tail.

When was Sliders created?

Sliders was created on 1995-03-22.

Do red eared sliders sleep in the water?

Yes, sliders are one type of turtle capable of sleeping under water. They can last for surprisingly long amounts of time but will automatically wake up to rise for air when oxygen levels become low. Even though all are capable, some turtles will non the less choose to sleep with their bodies submerged in water with only their noses or full head out. I've even seen some turtles taking naps totally out of the water. So yes, red eared slider turtles can safely sleep under water if they so choose to.

When do a monkey sleep?

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How long do termites sleep?

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