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Angela, I dont think I have ever heard of a MAX time limit. the UCC says they have to sell in a "commercially reasonable" manner. Some states permit title loans to sell in as little as 3 business days. I have seen cars sit for 2 months. In MS. the lender cant sell till 10 days has passed. Good question.

FL - 10 days must pass before the sale, if more than 60% of the cash value and you would be responcible for the difference. < 60% then they can wait 30 days and sell the car and keep any profit made from the sale. 10 days, any profit goes to the debtor.

Remainder from above... as far as time limit, there is no one in FL, just a "timely manner".

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What do you do once your car has been repossessed?

I have a welding machine on the truck they repossessed can they keep that?

If your car has been repossessed are you required to continue insurance and for how long?

Once your car is repossessed, it is covered by the repo companys and the lenders VERY expensive ins. No need for you to maintain coverage UNLESS you plan on redeeming it ASAP.

What if a vehicle has been repossessed more than once?

only the last one counts

Do you have to pay the whole vehicle off if it is repossessed?

Once a car has been repossessed, you as the owner of the vehicle have the obligation to repay any amount still owed on the loan. Once a car is repossessed, it is often sold in a repossessed cars auction by the finance company. The amount which the car was sold for will be deducted from the total loan amount and then the difference will be owed by yourself. So yes you would have to pay the whole vehicle off if it was repossessed.

Are you free and clear of responsibility for your vehicle once it has been repossessed?

Mary, the answer is NO. You will have to pay the balance due after the sale price has been deducted.

If the creditors repossessed a motorcycle and then DID NOT sell it at an auction do you still owe?

No you don't still owe; once the motorcycle has been repossessed, it is no longer your concern. Whether the creditor sells it or fails to sell it is the creditor's problem, not yours.

Once your car has been repossessed in Florida can they freeze or take monies from your banking accounts to pay deff judgment?

i have nofing clue

What do you do about your car insurance once your car is repossessed?

Cancel your policy.

What does automatic stay under title 11 mean concerning a repossessed car?

I'm assuming you are asking regarding a bankruptcy. An automatic stay is a utility of the court, that legally prevents contact with you from creditors after they have been notified of the bankruptcy proceedings. Once you file, the stay protects you and your proerty for as long as the stay exists. Once the BK is dismissed or discharged, the stay is lifted. While the stay is in effect, the vehicle cannot be involuntarily repossessed.

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Do you have an opportunity to make good on the payments and recover the vehicle in California once a car has been repossessed?

YES, you should get a notice from the lender outlining what ya need to do.

Can a title pawn sell your car after its been repossessed without telling you?

Yes. Once you default on your loan, it's their car. They're not obliged to tell you anything.

How long does it take to deliver a Chevrolet truck once itis made?

From the time you place the order until the truck is delivered is normally around 4 to 6 weeks.

Can you get a car back after it has been repossessed and sold?

The only way to get it back would be if it were up for sale and you bought it. Once it's legally sold, it becomes the property of the new buyer.

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How many house payments can you miss before it is repossessed?

once you are 90 days down they can start with a foreclosure.

Are you still responsible to pay off the remainder of your car balance once it is repossessed?

YES. Read your contract.

What will happen to a car once it is repossessed?

It will be auctioned off and the bank will want to collect the difference of what it sold for and what your loan was.

How much time in the state of Kansas do you have once you receive notice that your car will be repossessed before the car is actually repossessed?

One Kansas attorney says 20 days and another says 10 days.

Can your car be considered repossessed and put on your credit report as repossessed if they never picked up the car?

Absolutely. Once the car is considered repo'd it is all paperwork, otherwise you could just hide the car from the lender.

How many times can your car be repossessed?

After it's been repossessed once, it's not your car anymore, so... once? If it's repossessed and you're able to bring the loan current and redeem the car before it's sold so that you get it back, there's no limitation on the bank repossessing it again should you again fall behind. This could theoretically happen every single month of the loan, though in practice most lenders would insist that you either pay off the loan in full or give up the car on the second or at most third repossession.

What are your rights to property in your vehicle once it is repossessed in NJ?

You rights are to GET IT BACK, PP is not subject to the security interest on the car.

How can I get a repossessed car back?

There is no way that you will be able to get that care back. Once a vehicle has been repossessed the company holding the car is in the process of auctioning that vehicle. You will have a balance once this vehicle has been auctioned out. You should receive a statement in the mail withing 60-120 days stating what you owe. Sometimes if you are lucky you will end up owing anywhere from 50-75% of the sales price of that vehicle. If you are not that lucky, and you are left with a full balance that you owe, your best bet is to negotiate with the lender or collection agency that has that account.

In S.C. what is the length of time without a payment can a car be repossessed?

The time your contract says. If once a week or once a month. Read the contract or bend over.