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How long do tropical fish live?

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Species dependant. Between 6-7 months to several hundred years.

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How long does tropical fish live?

10 years

Do tropical fish live in seawater?

There are millions of tropical fish in the tropical oceans. But they are all marine fish not freshwater fish. Freshwater tropicals can not live in saltwater.

How long will a tropical fish live with goldfish?

You should never place tropical fish and goldfish in the same tank. Not only are their needs different, but they are not compatible fish.

Can tropical fish live with lake fish?

No. Tropical Fish required warmer water.

How long can tropical fish live without an air pump?

not very long, like an hour

How long can tropical fish live without air?

around a minuite and a half

Do all tropical fish live in fresh water?

Most tropical fish live in the ocean, but some do live in freshwater.

Are clownfish tropical?

Yes. They live in tropical water and you can find them in fish stores at the tropical fish section.

How long do tropical fish live for?

They can roughly stay alive for about 2-10 years depending on the kind of fish you have.

Can tropical fish live with Koi fish in the same aquarium?

No! because tropical fish live in heated water and koi in cold water.

What fish live in the tropical rainforest?

Pirahnas live in tropical rain forests

How long can a tropical fish live without a heater?

That all depends on the room temperature they are in.

What kidnd of fish have live birth?

Tropical fish.

What do tropical fish eat?

I have tropical fish and i feed them fish food which says on the label 'tropical fish'.But tropical fish that live in the ocean eat either other smaller fish or worms, really anything they can find.

In what waters do parrot fish live?

parrot fish live in tropical waters

What tempereture do tropical fish live in?

tropical fish like the water temp to be 24C-29C

Can you feed your tropical fish goldfish food?

No, tropical fish live in a different region then goldfish and therefore need different food. Tropical fish live in the tropics (howls of amazement) and goldfish live in cold and temperate areas.

How long can tropical fish live without food?

upto 2 weeks dont try it

How do tropical fish live in the ocean?

Those are salt-water tropical fish not the freshwater fish you see in pet-stores.

Do tropical fish live in warm places?

Yes. The word tropical refers to fish that live around islands and places that are hot, they do live in warm places.

Do tropical fish live in saltwater?

Yes. Tropical referrs to the Ocean

Can goldfish and tropical starfish live together?

No. Goldfish are freshwater fish and tropical starfish are saltwater fish.

Can goldfish live with tropical fish?

goldfish live in colder water temperature than tropical fish but they can still live in the 70-80 and do just fineso yesIt depends which fish

How long is the Lifespan of a tropical fish?

Tropical fish lifespan is 4-6 years of age.

What kind of fish live in Hawaii?

Marin fish, cool tropical fish