Viruses (biological)

How long do viruses live?


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Which virus? The avian flu virus has a 4-5 day lifespan in the air and can travel 2-3km but is higly susceptible to disinfectants containing detergents.But which virus are you talking about?


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That very much depends on the virus. Some live a long time. There are viruses known as slow viruses that have incubation period of months or even years!

Viruses are not alive but can be contracted by saliva or mucous.

viruses live and breed inside cells

No viruses are not a live.

There are some viruses that can survive alcohol.

The type of cells that viruses live in are host cells. Viruses need host cells in order to reproduce or multiply.

more than a year .as viruses are in the form of crystals.

viruses are nonliving things. but they need living things to reproduces. so live

can viruses be got from long time keeping of data

Yes. Viruses are living things too.

no they use cells to make more viruses and kill the cell, then they live in you.

viruses can live in intestine but they get remove with the removing of excretory waste.

Like all viruses, they are not alive. But they can sort of lay in wait until someone picks it up. Cold viruses that you are familiar are do the same thing,

viruses can live all over your body like your heart, brain, liver etc.

Anywhere from an hour to a week, depending on the virus and environmental conditions.

Vaccines are small amounts of live viruses injected into the body. These viruses teach the body's immune system how to fight off the disease. Correction: Some viruses are live. Some are weakened, most flu vaccines are dead viruses, not live, although the nasal mist is a live, weakened virus. Please make sure your answers are correct.

Viruses live almost everywhere around us in places such as the soil and air.Different viruses may infect plants,animals or even bacteria .Viruses try to gain access to the machinery in the cell in order to make more viruses.

A vaccination using a vaccine made from attenuated live viruses.

Yes,they live in hosts only to reproduce.

Bacteria are much bigger and more complicated, and can live independently of other cells, whereas viruses can only live parasitically.

Biological viruses can be strand of genetic material a few nanometers long.

Roblox does not have viruses in 2014, as long as you download it from the official website.

If you are asking if a virus can live very long without its host, then no. Viruses aren't alive in the first place. Because viruses can't reproduce on their own, they are not considered living organisms. Because they aren't living to begin with, they cannot die.

because you go into sites that are bad or like facebook myspace live lots of viruses

Viruses are very complex, depending on which type you are talking about depends on how they live.

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