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3 years

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How long does it take for wolf cubs to open their eyes?

Two weeks !

What is the name of baby wolves?

The name we call baby wolves is either wolf pups of wolf cubs

What are the puppies called if born from a wolf?

Wolf offspring are either called pups or cubs

How long does a male wolf stay with the female?

wolves stay together for life

How old are wolf pups when they leave their parents?

I'm pretty sure they stay with their parents until the age of two.

How does a wolf train its cubs?

Many wolves train their cubs by teaching them to hunt and fight usually the wolf cub learns on its own and the mother wolf soon forgets the cubs after they are separated

Can you have cubs in WolfQuest?

No you cant have cubs in wolf quest. you can have pups :)

What animals can kill wolf cubs?

Animals kill wolf cubs because its the circle of life. Animals kill other animals to feed their pack, like their CUBS!!!

Which locations can I stay at with Wolf Lodge coupons?

You can stay at any of the locations with Wolf Lodge coupons. As long as the coupon does not specify a specific location, you are all set.

How long dose a wolf stay pregnant?

60-63 days.

How long does a wolf stay with its mom?

usually two or three yers

How long does a wolf pup stay with its mom?

usually for 2 years

What starts with w and has cubs?


How long do wolf pups stay with their mothers?

A wolf pup stays with their mother for 2 years. The pup remains with the wolf pack throughout their lifetime.

When do wolf cubs open their eyes?

Eyes open 9-12 days after birth.

What are wolvs babys called?

Wolves' babies are called cubs.Wolf cubs

How long can a 3 week old puppy survive outside in cold weather?

Yes, what do you think wolf cubs do?

How long does a baby wolf stay with its mom or pack?

for about 1 or a half of a month

How long does a baby wolf stay with its mother?

About one or one half of a month.

What animals have strong families?

Wolves are one type of animal that has strong families. A wolf will make for life, and will stay with his mate even after mating season is over. Wolf babies grow up and stay in the pack with their parents.

What do wolf cubs look like?

like you

What is the wolf baby called?

Baby wolves are called both wolf cubs and wolf pups

How long Is a wolf pup with its parents?

wolves, no matter the species, stay with their parents for roughly a year. they start hunting with the pack at 7-8 months old, and by the time they are ready to leave they will either venture off on their own, start a pack of their own, or stay within the same pack for the rest of their lives.

What do you call offspring of wolves?

Young wolves are called wolf pups.

Wolf cub or wolf pup?

Wolf pup. Cubs is commonly for young bears. But you fergot, Cubs are allso referd as Big-cat's cubs. You know, the baby cats, are kittens. But for all of you there, demsticated cats aka: The house cat, they babys are referd to, as kittens.