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for some it can be from a few months or for others 2-3 years.

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Q: How long do you have discharge before you start your period?
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How long do you have discharge for before you start your period?

You have discharge right after the period that just ended and it lasts

After a discharge how long after do girls get there period?

Usually after girls start getting discharge they will get there period one or two years after.!

How long do you have discharge before your first period starts?

Girls usually have discharge for about 6 months to a year before starting her first period but it can vary from girl to girl. Some girls can have discharge for only about 3-4 months before getting their first periods as others may have discharge for about 2 years before they start.

How long do you get vaginal discharge for before you get your period?

Vaginal discharge starts as you enter puberty, there is no way of telling when your period will start by when you started to get discharge. The most that can be said is that menstruation normally starts within four years of starting puberty.

How long will you have discharge before your period?

Discharge starts as you enter puberty - there is no specific length of time between starting to get discharge and getting your first period, however it is normal to get your first period will start within four years of starting puberty. It's also normal just before your first period to see changes to your discharge such as clear stretchy discharge like egg-whites 2-3 weeks before your period which then becomes thicker and heavier getting closer to your period, often followed by pink or brown discharge ('spotting') just before your period starts.

How long will you have white discharge for before you start your period?

nobody can tel you exactly when you will start your period and i know that can be very frustrating for some however it is known that most people start their periods soon after getting their discharge has turned white. i hope this was helpful and good luck! <3

How long do you get discharge before you get your period?

around 1 to 2 years

How long should you have your discharge before your period?

On average about one to two years

How far before you start you period for the first time can you get cramps?

ive had cramps and vaginal discharge for a long time so id say a year.........

How long after you start discharge will you start your first period?

You start to get discharge as you enter puberty - there's no direct corelation between getting discharge and getting your first period as both are changes that happen during puberty, however you can expect your first period within four years of starting puberty. You may notice changes to discharge leading up to your first period - typically 2-3 weeks before menstruation you get fertile cervical mucus which is clear and stretchy like egg-whites, then 1-2 weeks before menstruation your discharge will get heavier and while more like lotion or cream. A few days before menses you may get 'spotting' which is pink or brown discharge, a result of light menstrual bleeding mixing with discharge.

How long did you have discharge for before you started your period?

well, i had discharge for about three years and then i went through puberty and my period. it is now my fourth month going through my period. peace!!!!!!!!! - candace redman

How long will it take to get your first period when you have had discharge for a long time?

mostly about 6mnths for the start of discharge but if u have had it for quite awhile than pretty sure it'll be soon

How long after you start having discharge does your period start?

It's impossible to say when your period will start following getting discharge. Discharge starts as a girl enters puberty, everyone develops differently during puberty but typically we say that a girl will reach menarche within four years of starting puberty.

Help I am 11 years old have not started my period and I am getting a yellow discharge?

The discharge comes before you get your period. It can take a long time though but it means it's on it's way.

How long before your period do you get signs of having a period?

Usually you get PMS symptoms about a week before your period is due to start.

How long does discharge last before your first period?

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How long after you get white discharge do you get your period?


How long after your period do you start ovulating?

Sometimes you ovulate because your vagina is just getting rid of the extra stuff. (discharge) or you start ovulating about 14 days before your period. Depending on how old you are. Or it could also be an infection, so their are a lot of stuff it can be. My recommendation is that you go to the doctor to get it checked out.

How long is it before you have period after you find the white stuff in your nickers?

This is different for every woman, the 'white stuff' is called discharge and helps keep your vigina clean and healthy, you may be starting your period soon after this discharge begins.

Does getting more vaginal discharge than usual mean your FIRST period is coming soon?

depending on how long you have it. usually after 6 months- a year people get their first period after the start of discharge. but i think if its heavy and all then yes.

How long does a girl that is 11years old have white stuff before their period?

i was 13 when i started my period and had discharge about a month or two before. i didn't think much of it though because it wasn't a lot.

How long after discharge does your period start?

There is no direct correlation between starting to experience discharge and menarche (first period) per say - starting to get discharge is one of many changes that occurs during puberty, and menarche is just one other change. Typically a girl will start to menstruate within four years of starting puberty, so if she has started to get discharge menarche will likely start within those four years.

When you have a white discharge how long does it take to be on your period?

White discharge and you don't have your period yet? I'd get that checked out with a doctor....White discharge during your period? I'd get that checked out too. Doesn't sound normal.

Ive had brown and clear discharge is that a sign of your period coming?

yes how long have you had it you period will begin in 1-3 months start carrying around pads good luck

Discharge how long berfore your period do you get it?

1-2 years