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All women are different, but it's usually about 4 months. Some it is ealier and others it's later.

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Q: How long do you have to be pregnant for your pregnancy to show?
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How long does it take for a pregnancy test to show your pregnant?

Four weeks

How many lines should show on a pregnancy test if you are pregnant?

Two lines should show up If you are pregnant on a pregnancy test /:

How long after conception can a pregnancy test detect that your pregnant?

how long after conception can a pregnancy test detect that your pregnant

When will you show when im pregnant?

You can begin to show in your second month of pregnancy. Most woman show by their fourth month of pregnancy. This varies on your weight before pregnancy.

Can my boyfriend show pregnancy symptoms if im pregnant?

If I'm pregnant can my boy friend show symptoms

When do you show when your pregnant?

You can show during your second month of pregnancy. Some women don't start showing until their fourth month of pregnancy. It depends on your weight before you were pregnant when you will show.

How long can you be pregnant before the pregnancy hormone shows up on a home pregnancy test?

u can be 1 week pregnant and get the symptoms but i take at least 3-4 weeks to show in some people

If pregnant on the pill will your test be negative?

No pregnancy is pregnancy and it doesn't matter if you were on the pill at the time. It will still show positive if you were pregnant.

When do pregnancy tests show positive?

When you're pregnant.

Weight gain before a pregnancy test will show if pregnant or not?

If you have gained weight or not have nothing to do with it. If you are pregnant the test will show.

Can you be pregnant and not get any symptoms or signs throughout your pregnancy?

No. You will get pregnancy symptoms. It is impossible not to get pregnancy symptoms. Yes, you can be pregnant and have no symptoms at all. Haven't you seen that tv show "Pregnant and didn't know it?"

How long is a butterfly pregnancy?

Butterflys do not "get pregnant". They are insects. Mammals get pregnant.

How long does it take after semen has entered the vagina to show signs or pregnancy?

you can take a pregnancy test 2 weeks after the act of sex and if you are pregnant it will test positive. but you have to be ovulating to get pregnant just cause sperm enters u does not mean u will become pregnant.

Can you be pregnant for a month and a pregnancy test still show up negative?

If you are four weeks pregnant you will have enough hCH to have a positive pregnancy test.

If a bride is pregnant how soon can she get married before her pregnancy starts to show?

Usually, a pregnancy will start to show after the first 3 months!

How long does it take for a possitive pregnancy?

The pregnancy test will show a reliable result 2 weeks after sex the earliest. How long it takes to get pregnant is different for every couple but if nothing has happened after a year, see a doctor.

How long does it take to show that you are pregnant?

You should wait til you miss the first day of your period then take a at home pregnancy test

Is michaela conlin pregnant in real life?

No, it's a fake pregnancy for the show, but next season Emily Deschanel will really be pregnant and pregnant on the show, too.

How can a home pregnancy test show I'm pregnant when I'm not?

False positives on home pregnancy tests are very rare. If you get a positive and believe that you are not pregnant, see your doctor and they can draw blood and do a beta hcg. This will show if you are pregnant for sure.

Will a pregnancy test show you are pregnant 5 ays after you conceive?

You need to wait 14 days after having intercourse to determine pregnant with a pregnancy test.

If your period came on time but you are having signs of pregnancy how long should you wait to take a home pregnancy test?

If you have your period, you shouldn't be pregnant. However, the pregnancy signs that you may be having could be signs of another problem. Or if you want to be pregnant, this can alter your way of thinking and make your brain and body do crazy things to believe that you are pregnant. You only have to be 4 weeks pregnant for the pregnancy test to show up positive.

How long is a porcupines pregnancy?

They are pregnant for 1 year

How long chow chow dog pregnancy?

my chow chow pregnant how i care and to pregnancy

Will a pregnancy test show positive when breastfeeding?

Not unless pregnant again.

How long is a Syrian hamster pregnant for?

She is pregnant for 14 days. It is the shortest pregnancy in mammals.