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All policy's have wording such as, ''you must promptly report any and all claims'' file it asap. Waiting only increases your chances of being denied due to the above mentioned condition in your insuring contract.

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Q: How long do you have to file an insurance claim for a MVA in PA?
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How long after a MVA car accident in NJ do you have to file an insurance claim?

All policys will contain wording like, 'you must promptly report all claims' it is never wise to 'wait' report the claim immediately, you could contact your states dept of insurance to see if there is a legal time limit. There is of course state statues for physical damage, injury etc.

Do you need car insurance if not driving car?

if you have tags ont he car you need to have insurance or you will rack up fines with the mva

Your auto is in your name as co-owner with your business Do you have to go to the MVA to get your business removed from the title?

Yes. Anything involving ownership of a vechicle has to go through the MVA and/or your insurance company

What is a fair amount of compensation to expect from another driver's insurance company after a MVA where you were injured and may have long term pain and aggrivation?

This is why they make lawyers. There is no set answer to this question.

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How does a medical facility that provided care for a patient involved in an MVA file a judgment against outstanding medical bills when there is an auto insurance company and attorney involved?

It sounds like a legal maneuver to protect the medical facilities ability to be reimbursed when a settlement is eventually reached.

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