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If you already have insurance and trade in your car you have 10 days to notify your insurance company or your new car will not be covered.

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You need insurance before you can even drive it off the lot. Plates, how long varies by state... temp tags are usually good for 30 - 60 days.

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Do you have 30 days to get plates and insurance once you get a new vehicle?

No. You can not drive it off the lot on to the street without insurance. If you already have insurance you have 10 days to contact your insurance company or your new car will not be covered. As for plates, you are at the mercy of the State. Assuming the dealer paid the fees in due time

How long can one wait in the state of Arizona before putting a license plate on a recently purchased car?

Once you are issued the plates you MUST display them. Even if you have temporary plates (paper or cardboard) with an expiration date that has not yet passed, they become null and void once the vehicle has been issued permanent plates.

What happens if you fail a smog test and if you correct it how long does it take to get back results?

Normaly when you fail a smog test or e-check the technician gives you a paper stating why the vehicle failed and until it gets repaired the vehicle can't be issued new license plates or tags. Once the vehicle is reparied you can go back and have the vehicle tested again and get the results as soon as the test is finished. Once passed you get a paper stating the vehicle passed and can be issued new license plates and/or tags.

Do yo have to buy car insurance once you have a license regardless whether you are driving?

Car insurance is mandatory to buy as soon as you purchase the car.. Car insurance safeguards if you have an accident.. Once your vehicle is insured then you need not to worry about its damage.. If you have an accident then the car insurance policy safeguards from bearing the losses.. So no matter what car insurance is mandatory in order to secure your vehicle..

Do you have to keep insurance on an unused car?

Not necessarily. If you never drive it you don't have to keep insurance. If you do use it, (at least once a month at best), you are required to have insurance as you have to have insurance anytime you are on the road with a motor vehicle.

How long does dealer have to keep insurance on vehicles after bought?

a dealer should have a bond. The coverage on the vehicle is like having a liability policy. If the dealer was driving the car and had an at fault accident, he will have to pay for repairs on his vehicle and the bond will cover the other persons car. Once you buy a car from a dealer, you are responsible for purchasing insurance for the vehicle, the dealer is no longer liable. In fact, the dealer should require that you have insurance before you drive the vehicle off the lot.

Where can one find motor vehicle insurance companies online?

You can find motor vehicle insurance companies online from websites such as Cheap Car Insurance Network. Once on the website, enter in your Zipcode in the form at the top of the page to get a free customized quote.

Does the DMV get notified of a reposession if they have not found the car yet?

No. Only when the vehicle is repossessed and always once the licence plates are turned in.

Once your insurance expires how long do you have coverage?

If your insurance is expired you don't have insurance. You can find the exact minute of your insurance on your declaration page or your non-pay notice.

If you repossess your car do you have to continue insurance coverage on that vehicle?

I take it you mean, if your car IS repossessed. In that case, IF you dont plan to redeem it, NO. NO car, NO insurance. Once the lender repos the car, they are responsible for the insurance coverage.

Where can one get cheap commercial vehicle insurance?

In this day and age choices are all around you. It can be hard to decide which choices to make. Commercial vehicle insurance can be a tricky one. First you should figure out exactly what you need. Once you have done this you should get quotes from competitive insurance companies. Then you can decide which company would be best.

You live in South Africa and you want to know if its possible to buy a car with only a learners licence and what about getting insurance?

To legally buy a vehicle in South Africa, you do need a full driver's license. No insurance company will offer insurance to a learner driver, and once you do have a license, your premiums are higher until you are 25yrs old. To legally buy a vehicle in South Africa, you do need a full driver's license. No insurance company will offer insurance to a learner driver, and once you do have a license, your premiums are higher until you are 25yrs old.

Do you file a claim with your insurance company if it is your mistake?

yes if you are in an accident and especially if you are at fault of an accident, you must file with your insurance company, so your insurance company can cover your damages and or other vehicle involved or pay subrogation demand once received from other vehicles ins company, if the other vehicle chose to use their coverage.

If your car is a total loss will the insurance company help you fix it if you both pay?

If your car is deemed a total loss, the insurance company will only pay up the value of the vehicle. They will have nothing to do with the repairs. If the vehicle is worth $5,000 and the damage is $8,000, you are going to pay $3,000 out of your own pocket. Once the insurance company pays you that $5,000, they are out of the picture. Just be prepared for a 'salvage' fee to be deducted from your settlement by the insurance company. That is what they would have gotten for your vehicle if you had surrendered it to them.

How long do you have to return a vehicle purchase?

You actually do not have a set period of time to return a vehicle purchase. There is no law that requires a dealership to take a vehicle back once purchased unless the vehicle is faulty.

Will my car insurance cover a rental car if i sell my car?

Insurance covers the car identified in the insurance policy. You could ask if they could transfer your insurance policy to the rental car. it depends... is that the only car on the policy? if so, then no once u have no more vehicles.. you can no longer have car insurance. you no longer have an insurable interest in the vehicle. But if you have car insurance on a vehicle and you have the right coverage (OPCF 27) then your auto insurance will cover the insurance portion of your rental, assuming u have collision and comprehensive on that policy.

If growth plates are fused does growth hormone therapy work?

No it will only increase muscle mass and reduce fat with long term use once growth plates are fused.

What does gap auto insurance cover?

Physical damage coverage on an auto policy says that the insurance company has the option of paying to repair, replace, or pay the actual cash value of the vehicle. In the case where the damage to a vehicle's cost to repair is more than the ACV of the vehicle the vehicle is totalled and the company will pay the ACV of the vehicle. Sometimes when you buy a new vehicle without much or any downpayment you quickly get "upside down" in the loan. As the value of the car depreciates, the loan balance doesn't fall nearly as fast. For the first couple of years you owe more than the value of the vehicle. The insurance company has nothing to do with auto loan. GAP insurance was created to cover the difference in the ACV of the vehicle and the loan payoff. You can buy GAP insurance from the finance company or bank that financed the vehicle or from your insurance company. Purchasing from the insurance is much less expensive and you can drop the coverage once the loan balance falls below the value of the vehicle.

Deciding on GAP Car Insurance in Florida?

Once a vehicle is driven away from the car dealership, it begins to lose value. Individuals who buy new vehicles can easily owe more than their vehicles are worth after owning them for only a few months. When a new vehicle is stolen or totaled, traditional car insurance will generally only pay the fair market value of the vehicle. The vehicle's owners are responsible for paying the difference between the vehicle's fair market value and the amount that is owed for the vehicle.Guaranteed auto protection (GAP) insurance protects vehicle buyers if their vehicle is lost or stolen by paying the difference between the fair market value of the vehicle and the amount that is still owed on the vehicle. Florida residents who are buying a new vehicle should consider buying GAP insurance. Buying GAP insurance is not always necessary, but in many cases, it is a good idea to purchase a GAP insurance policy.Where Florida Residents Can Purchase GAP InsuranceGAP insurance can generally be purchased at insurance companies that offer traditional car insurance. It can also be purchased at some car dealerships. Dealerships will often charge more for GAP insurance than car insurance companies, so it is important for insurance buyers to search for the best GAP insurance price and coverage.When Buying GAP Insurance is a Good IdeaSome situations where buying GAP insurance is recommended are when the vehicle buyer must pay the car loan for over three years, paid a low down payment, or will put a large amount of miles on the vehicle.GAP insurance only covers the cost of a vehicle if it is totaled or stolen, and it will sometimes pay the deductible for auto insurance. It is important to note that GAP insurance does not pay car payments, for repossessed vehicles, or the fair market value of a vehicle.When Buying GAP Insurance is UnnecessaryGAP insurance is unnecessary if a vehicle is worth the amount or less than the amount that is owed for its loan on the fair market. If the difference between the fair market value of a vehicle and the amount that is owed for the vehicle is small, a person may pay more for GAP insurance than the amount he or she will receive if something happens to the vehicle.

Once your car has been deemed a total loss is it true you should drop collision coverage from your insurance policy as it can not be claimed as totaled ever again?

If the damage to a vehicle will cost more to repair than the value of the vehicle before the accident, an insurance company will "total" the vehicle. That means they will pay you what the car was worth before the wreck. At that point the insurance company owns the wreck, not you. You have nothing left to insure, therefore.

How do you find out why a campers title is salvage?

Answer: Salvage titles come from the insurance companies. Once an insurance company "totals" a vehicle, it becomes "salvaged". Take the ID number to your insurance company and have them run it to see if it is "insurable", best & quickest way and its free.

When your car is about to get repossessed do you still need to have car insurance on it or can you just take the vehicle off of your insurance policy?

Daleann, take the car to the lender, get a reciept for the car, then drop the ins. IF it got stolen while in your possession(before repo) your LOSS would be much greater without ins. aS LONG AS THE CAR IS STILL IN YOUR POSSESSION, KEEP THE INSURANCE. ONCE THE CAR IS GONE, DROP THE INSURANCE. iT WILL BE DONE AS SOON AS YOU HANG UP WITH YOUR INSURANCE CARRIER.

If you have a car in Virginia and you have Pennsylvania license which state do you get insurance in?

A license is a validly or a permit which ensures that you have the authority or right to drive a vehicle once you have passed the qualifying exams. License is recognized and valid inter-state and also North America. If you are living permanently in Virgina and plying your vehicle (car) in Virgina you will have to buy the insurance from Virginia. Your insurance should have the minimum limits of insurance that are valid for the state of Virginia 25/50/20 . The Department of Motor Vehicles requires that you buy your auto insurance from the insurance company which is licensed in the state where your vehicle is registered, driven and garaged. The insurance company would also insist on the above rule.

How long does Gerber Life Insurance last?

As long as the child decided to keep the life insurance once they reach 18, the coverage lasts their whole life. The Grow Up plan provides customers to keep the insurance as long as they would like to and does not increase fees over the years.

Can growth plates be reopened?

No. Once the growth plates are closed they can never be re-opened.

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