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My ex & I have been separated for 1 1/2 yrs & his name is still on the deed. He has not lived here for over 1 yr. Do I have any legal right to have him remove his belongings

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Q: How long do you have to keep your exs belongings after he move out but his name is still on the deed?
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If your girlfriend kicks you out can she keep your belongings?

If she does then you can file a claim for those belongings, as long as you have sufficient proof like a receipt. However, by law if no proof has been salvaged then yes, she can.

How long can a teacher take away your belongings for?

The length of time that a teacher can take away your belongings will depend on the schools policies. Some teachers may only keep the belongings for the length of the class while others may keep them until they can see your parents. It will also depend on what belonging was taken from you.

How long does Georgia law allow you to keep someones belongings in your home before you can throw them out?

A year and a day. If it's not claimed by then it's yours.

How long can a repo company keep personal belongings?

They cannot hold your personal belongings. They might have a time frame of when they have to get it to you though. When a car is repossessed it is brought to the repo yard and then inventoried for belongings. There are usally several hundred cars at any given moment in a repo yard. All vehicles must be inventoried.

How long does it take to have a name added to the deed to your house?

As long as it takes for you to draft a new deed and record it.

Do moving companies typically store your belongings in a warehouse for two weeks before delivering them to you?

It all depends on your needs, for extra fee they will keep as long as you wish

What if your name is on the deed but no will?

If your name is on the deed then you own the property as long as the deed is valid and properly recorded in the land records.

What legal right does a deed provide?

A deed provides ownership rights to the property that is described on the deed as long as the land was owned by the grantor.

How long does a mineral deed last?

A deed is permanent. A mineral lease may have an expiration date.

How long to you have to file a deed after settlement in the state of Maryland?

You should always record a deed immediately.

A steady stream of people enter Butchs business and remove belongings the people dont pay for it and Butch allows them to take what they can carry long as they keep quiet what is this kind of business?

It is a Library

When our landlord has writ of possession how long do we have to remove our belongings?

30 days