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Alaska is the northernmost state that is part of the United States. It is located off of the Pacific coast of Canada. TO become a resident of the state a person must live there for one year.


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You only have to live in Arizona for 6 weeks to be considered a resident. If you have a home and receive mail there, you are considered a resident.

Residents of Alaska do receive an annual payment just for living in Alaska. It's called the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. The amount received by each resident in 2010 was $1,281.

You must live in the state for one year to become resident.

If you were born here, you're automatically a resident. If you immigrated here, then you're a resident as soon as you become a legal citizen

An Alaskan is a native or resident of Alaska.

Yes, there are cockroaches in Alaska. As long as there is a nice warm place for them to live they will thrive.

You must live in Colorado for 90 consecutive days in order to be considered a resident.

30 days. Reason being that is how long you must live in Ohio to register to vote.

6 months thats how it is in the whole country

It does not take any time to become a resident of Tennessee. Once you are U.S. citizen, you just move to the state that you want to live in and you are resident.

You will be considered a resident of the state of California as long as you live in the state. If you sell your home and move to another in the state, you will still be a resident.

According to California state laws, a person must live in the state for 366 days to be considered a resident. Proof of residency will be bills and lease paperwork.

Her whole life, and she still does

Alaska is one of the 50 United States. Being a resident doesn't give or restrict the ability to buy a car. I belive you will need a US Passport to drive through Canada through. Its a long drive 2-5 days depending on if you sleep or bring another driver.

Nathan Hale was a Resident of Long Island, New York

No, bobcats do not live in Alaska.

Yes, Eskimos live in Alaska.

Many people actually do live in Alaska.

5 years as a Permanent Resident (Green Card)

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