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That is usually determined by the laws of the state in which the residential property is located. In some instances the mortgage holder will refer to the terms of the original contract, but the homeowner can, ask assistance fromt he court if the alloted times greatly differ.

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Q: How long do you have to move out on a foreclosure?
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How long after foreclosure to move out Missouri?

Strictly speaking, you can move out of state at any time after notice of a foreclosure or after the foreclosure sale (or entry for breach of condition in those states not requiring an auction or sale). It would be nice if you gave the keys to the law firm or other foreclosing entity, but it's not required.

How long do you keep old foreclosure papers?

how long do you keep foreclosure papers

When your forclosed home sells are you responsible for the shortfall?

i live in SD and my home was sold in foreclosure,how long do i have before i have to move out of it.

Can you move during a pending foreclosure?

can you get a life

How long can you live in your house once foreclosure has started in Memphis tn?

in new york how long can you live in your house once foreclosure starts

When in strict foreclosure in Ct how long before you have to get out of home?

I will be a hearing on Tuesday, 10/23 for a Strict Foreclosure. Once granted, how long will I have to get out of the home?

If your house was in foreclosure what would be your greatest need?

My house is going through foreclosure. My biggest need is money to move and finding a place to rent.

How long does a foreclosure stay on your credit report?

A foreclosure will typically remain on your credit report for seven years.

How long do you have to demand the return of personal items in your house after a foreclosure?

You should check the foreclosure laws in your area.

How long will a foreclosure take after lis pendens?

The lis pendens is usually filed at the beginning of the foreclosure lawsuit. If you don't answer the foreclosure complaint, a default judgment will be entered against you, and foreclosure will take place in about 90 days. If you answer the lawsuit, the foreclosure can take a year or more to occur.

Landlord says house in foreclosure I want to break lease and move Can I?

The foreclosure sale will function to terminate the lease. However, until the foreclosure sale takes place, the owner is still the owner, and the lease remains in effect.

How long does a foreclosure initiated stay on your credit?

Foreclosures remain on your report for 7 years. It is difficult to get a foreclosure removed.

You need info on Michigan home foreclosure law how long after you get a notice will you be expected to move?

Foreclosure is technically only a change of ownership, not possession. You may be able to rent from the new owner, or you may be evicted by the process applicable to your jurisdiction (e.g., 30-days notice to quit your occupancy).

Will your tenant be notified to move after foreclosure?

Under the Federal Protection for Tenants in Foreclosure Act, passed in 2009, the buyer at foreclosure must give the tenants 90 days to relocate. After that, in most states, the buyer must pursue a legal eviction.

How long does a mortgage company have to give you to move once your home is in foreclosure?

Obtain legal help immediately. *That decision is not made by the lender, but rather by the laws of the state in which the property is located.

In foreclosure is it illegal to evict former owner without notice?

No, it probably is not illegal. Once you have the notice of foreclosure, then you should make plans to move. Some companies move faster than others, but basically if you are not paying for the housing, you have no right to remain in the house.

How long will my foreclosure stay on my credit report?

A foreclosure remains for a minimum of 7 years. In some states, it can legally remain for longer.

What happens when you go into foreclosure in California?

When your home goes into foreclosure in California, the courts will give the homeowner a certain amount of time to move out. The homeowner can pay what is owed to keep the home.

How long does a foreclosure process take?

It depends on where you live.

How long is your credit affected after a foreclosure?

Usually a foreclosure will lower a person's credit score by 250 points, and sometimes by as many as 280 points. The foreclosure stays on a person's credit report for seven years.

How long do you have after foreclosure to move out?

It depends upon the terms of your lending/mortgage contract and the laws of the state in which the property is located. The simplest way to find out is to contact your mortgage holder.

What is the foreclosure procedure in Florida?

The entire legal procedure for foreclosure is too long to reproduce here. You can review the procedure for Florida at the link below.

When your house is in foreclosure when do you have to move?

When the property is sold at the foreclosure sale and the deed is made public record, the property is no longer yours and you must leave immediately. If you do not leave, the new owner can have you removed.

How long will you be able to stay in house after filing chapter 7 if your house is in foreclosure?

However long it takes the creditor to repost for foreclosure, foreclose, and then get a state court to evict you. It could take months.

Can you save your house from foreclosure?

Yes you can save your home from foreclosure. This is a primary reason people file for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the automatic stay can stop a foreclosure as long as it's filed before the sale takes place.