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How long do you have to wait after getting a tooth pulled to eat or drink anything?


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2005-10-14 11:46:36
2005-10-14 11:46:36

Hi I just had a tooth pulled last night.i was told i could eat and drink in 20 min .I just had to make sure they were soft foods

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You can drink but don't be chewing on anything for about a day. It needs to heal a bit.

Yes, you can even drink it after 2 hours of a tooth pulling.

yes you can drink milk after having a tooth pulled

Yes I can, but I prefer to drink my beer without getting any teeth pulled. Is that sort of like "Costing and arm and a leg"?

Actually yes you can, but if you just got your tooth pulled, you should wait an hour and a half before eating or drinking anything!! But if it already is past an hour and a half, than you should be just fine, and can drink as much soda as you want!

getting your tooth pulled is like being injected with a needle.

You can do anything you want, its a free country. But you shouldn't because it will not be good for the healing gums and it could cause gingivitis or other gum diseases.

I did not experience any pain after getting a tooth pulled.

i don't know i am not a doctor. No, wait a few days. Alcohol slows the wound healing.

I started drinking soda after i got my tooth pulled when i could brush without any bleeding . also be careful not to get an m and m mini stuck inside your gum cuz i almost did that

getting them pulled by a doctor

No it does not hurt getting a tooth pulled because the dentist will numb your gums. The shot they use to numb you up will hurt a little bit.

yes it is ok to have popcorn after you get a wisdom tooth pulled out

Nope! You'll feel a little pinch at first when they put the needle in, then your gum around the tooth getting pulled out will be numb so they can pull it out! :)

Maybe a day or two later but not to get drunk on, to merely use as an antiseptic. Mix with coke or water. Single tot.

Yes, usually about a week after the extraction. Follow your dentist's advice if you don't want to experience dry socket.

no!................. yes, unless you are on pain meds then with caution.

Yes you can, you only might get an infection. It might hurt but shiv happens, i have done it and it didn't do any thing to me. The reason why you are not supposed to smoke anything after getting a wisdom tooth pulled is because smoking dries out the newly exposed gum area, which is not good for its healing. So it probably is the same for a regular tooth; just wait a few days to a week.

rotten teeth tooth decay getting you teeth pulled out getting hyper

No you will make your teeth really bad like that

Not as traumatic as having to have a tooth pulled out because it is causing tooth ache due to getting bad.

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