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Usually their are tests to take 5 days before missed period First Response is a good test to take I'd you've misses your period but everyone has their preference


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You can take a pregnancy test while you're on the pill. You don't need to stop the pill to find out if you're pregnant.

You can take a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after you had unprotected intercourse and it will be accurate.

You can take a pregnancy test at any time, even if you are on the birth control pill. The test will turn positive no sooner than 10 days after conception.

Bleeding on the birth control pill is not a sign of pregnancy. Absent period and positive pregnancy test are signs of pregnancy. if you think you might be pregnant, take a test.

Yes if you are on the pill and forgot it that morning you can take it after. If you are not on the pill you can get the morning after pill up to 3-5 days after. Take a pregnancy test 2 weeks after.

Three weeks after you take the morning after pill and/or on the first day of your period

That differs for everyone and depends on where you were in the pill cycle when you stopped for a week. If you don't get a period within four weeks, have a pregnancy test.

If you are worried, just take the pregnancy test. The peace of mind is well worth a few bucks. It will tell you on the package how far along in your pregnancy you must be (if you're pregnant) to get accurate results.

You can take the pregnancy whenever. If you believe you could be pregnant, you should go to the doctor to get a real pregnancy test to make sure you're not pregnant.

After taking the morning after pill you should visit a doctor and take a test 2 weeks after.

you can take one at any time you think you are pregnant.

You can, but save your money one missed pill won't make you pregnant. Just take both of them together when you take your next pill.

No pregnancy is pregnancy and it doesn't matter if you were on the pill at the time. It will still show positive if you were pregnant.

Usually you have your period at specific times when taking birth control. If you have concerns, take a pregnancy test.

Take a pregnancy test.The only real way to know is to take a pregnancy test.If you take the pill as directed you can assume you are not pregnant, the side effects (breast tenderness, nausea, moodiness, headaches) should subside over the next couple months.

You will miss your period,have pregnancy symptoms, or you could take a home pregnancy test or see your Dr.

You can take a test anytime 2 weeks after sex.

After ovulation, you should take a pregnancy test after at least ten days. For the best results, wait a full two weeks before taking a pregnancy test.

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