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How long do you have to wait to take a pregnancy test if your period is irregular and you're over 35 and had unprotected sex?


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Hello - Its best to take a pregnancy test around three weeks to four weeks (longer you wait the better) after having unprotected sex. Or you can see your doctor for a blood test a week after having sex.


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You would know if you're pregnant by taking a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test can be taken from two weeks after intercourse and doesn't require you to know when your period should have started.

i answer youre question with a question had u had unprotected sex? and if u did get a HPT

Yes, if she has her period and you had unprotected sex, then yeah. if youre worried, go and see a doctor immediately and get the Emergency Contraceptive Pill as soon as you can.

That is one way of knowing you are pregnant but some women still have a period while pregnant that is why you should also use the pregnancy test

No, obviously you cannot have your period if you're pregnant.It's biologically impossible to ovulate or menstruate during pregnancy. People can experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy but it's not that common and doesn't usually mimic menstruation.

Of course. I have gotten a period 3 months late before and there is nothing abnormal about it. Youre very irregular when you first start having them but your body does eventually work out a regular cycle.

when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant.

If you know you are pregnant and you've had youre period three times in a month there is probably somthing wrong. As far as i know women do not get their periods throughout the pregnancy.

If you had sex a couple of weeks prior to your period being due, then it's possible. Get a home pregnancy test and verify.

If you were pregnant then you wouldn't menstruate at all. Menstruation only occurs if there is no pregnancy, if you menstruate you're not pregnant.

Get one from the Pharmacy. There is no age requirement for pregnancy tests.

you miss youre period if your pregnant.

A cycle lasts 28 days so count 28 days from the first day of your last period

whenever youre not having sex.

You can but the results won't be accurate. It is better to wait to see if you have a period and if you don't then take the test.

if you missed a period

it may be your period if you get them all the time for a few years or over 9 months youre not pregant. if you just started to get them i would go to the doctors and get a pregnancy test.

if youre ovulating, then youre not pregnant. it's just ovulation spotting. it's normal.

yes. you can even have your period while youre pregnant

In general if you have your period you are not pregnant. You can take a home pregnancy test if you are unsure.

that depends. if your on bc that prevents periods then yes. your period doesn't have much to do with preventing pregnancy. bc stops you from ovulating and you cant get pregnant if you dont ovulate. if you're not on bc however, you can still ovulate w/o having your period therefore still get pregnant. you miss your period when youre pregnant because that blood makes the sac, placenta etc.

If you're a little puupie dog, you've been fighting with the cat again.

No. Missing your period means youre pregnant which is caused from sex.

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