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You need to have it changed as soon as the deal is final, and all the paperwork is done. Don't drive anywhere without contacting your insurance company.

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Q: How long do you legally have to change your current insurance coverage if you purchase a new car?
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How long do you legally have to change your insurance coverage if you purchase a new car in South Carolina?

Contact your agent, and they will be able to tell you.

Should I purchase insurance when I travel for business?

Depending on your needs and financial situation, business travel insurance should be considered for your business trips. Many travel insurance companies have business specific coverage, but you are not legally obliged to purchase travel insurance.

How long do you legally have to change your insurance coverage if you purchase a new car or boat in South Carolina?

Contact your agent, this is generally company specific.

Are you legally required to purchase insurance for your boat in New Jersey?

No, it is not legally required that you purchase insurance for your boat in New Jersey. It is a good idea to have boat insurance in case of an accident.

If you have full coverage auto insurance and am driving a friend's car who doesn't have insurance and you get a no insurance citation who is responsible for this citation?

the owner of the vehicle is responsible for the ticket. he/she/they are legally required to at least have the minimum liability coverage your state requires.

Can I bring my truck to Mexico?

Providing it is legally registered in this country (U.S.) AND you apply for the proper insurance coverage from a Mexican Insurance Co.

Do you legally need boat insurance to take a boat out on the water?

Yes, you do legally need boat insurance in case you get into an accident. make sure you have the right amount of coverage to cover you for any liability and loss.

When your company offers health insurance are you required by law to have health coverage to work Do you have to opt in?

If you are required by law to carry insurance, you can either have it through the employer or provide your own. They cannot legally force you to opt in to their coverage.

If father is legally responsible to maintain health insurance for children but drops coverage what is mother's recourse?

Take him back to court.

How old do you have to be to get comprehensive car insurance that covers you to drive other peoples cars?

As long as you are old enough to legally drive you may get any coverage you wish. However not all insurance companies offer this coverage. One more thing... this coverage you are asking about is referred to as permissive use.

Can an employer in OH legally deny coverage for a spouse if the spouse's employer offers health insurance?

Generally insurance coverage should be offered to an employees spouse. It does not matter if they are offered coverage from their employer whereas it provides an additional option in case 1 plan is more affordable than the other.

What if your legally parked car is hit but it is not covered by collision?

You have to hope the guy who hit it offer up his liability coverage. You might consider broader Auto Insurance Coverage in the future when you can afford it.

Can an employer legally deny coverage for a spouse if the spouse's employer offers health insurance and the spouse is pregnant?

No. See link for citation.

Can they legally repossess your car if all your monthly payments are up to date but you have made a few payments a day or a week late?

Read your CONTRACT. You have to be in DEFAULT of the contract for the lender to repo. If you are current on payments, what else can you be in default of?? INSURANCE coverage?

If your friend has no insurance for his car can you drive it legally on your insurance?

No. The only way you could possibly be covered under your own insurance is if you purchase the car and have a bill of sale in your name and your State has provisions for newly acquired vehicles. You would also have to be driving the vehicle with a copy of your registration and your license plate. Always check with your insurer first to make sure they will extend coverage

Is your husbands health insurance provider legally allowed to deny his wife coverage if she works part time?

It depends on how their plan document is worded and the specific reason given for denial of coverage for the wife. If their plan document states that dependents with access to other coverage cannot be enrolled and the wife has access to insurance through her employer, then they can.

Know the Insurance Requirements in Columbus?

If you live in or around Columbus, Ohio, and you own a vehicle, you will need to purchase auto insurance coverage before you can legally drive your car. Ohio law requires that all drivers purchase car insurance. When you register your vehicle in vehicle in Columbus, you will have to sign a form certifying that you meet Ohio financial responsibility requirements. You must also provide proof of auto insurance to a law enforcement officer upon request.Ohio also mails letters to random drivers throughout the year, requesting proof of coverage. If you receive a request letter, and you do not carry at least the required coverages, your driver's license will be suspended. You will also have to pay reinstatement fees in order to have your driving privileges restored.Liability Coverage in ColumbusLiability coverage, which provides other drivers and passengers protection if you cause a motor vehicle accident, is required in Columbus.In order to meet Ohio auto insurance requirements, you must purchase at least $7,500 in liability coverage to pay for repairs to property you damage. You must also purchase at least $25,000 to pay for medical expenses you cause in an accident. This portion of your liability coverage must pay up to at least $12,500 for any one person's injuries, subject to the $25,000 aggregate limit.Uninsured Motorist CoverageInsurance companies in Columbus must offer uninsured motorist coverage with the same minimum limits as are required for bodily injury liability coverage. This coverage pays for your injuries if you are struck by a hit-and-run or uninsured driver.You are not required to buy uninsured motorist coverage; however, if you choose not to purchase this coverage, you will have to sign a form stating that the insurance carrier made this coverage available to you, and that you do not want uninsured motorist coverage. Otherwise, the carrier must add it to your policy.As a Columbus driver, you may want to purchase additional coverages, as well as higher limits for required coverages. This can give you additional protection if you are involved in an accident.

Does Texas liability insurance cover if the two cars involved in the accident are register under the same persons name?

Here is the problem with that,"It is not legally possible to be liable to ones self"So no, liability only coverage will not cover damage to your own property, That's what the comprehensive and collision coverage is offered to you for when you purchase your auto insurance. Comp and Collision provides coverage for your own property, Liability provides coverage for property and injury of others.If you bought liability only, there is no coverage for your own property.Answer:It should, and if it doesn't, there should be other parts of the policy that can pay out. Coverages such as uninsured motorists or medical payments.

If you are involved in an accident with a person who has no insurance and they are at fault does your insurance pay for repairs to your vehicle?

Only if you have Uninsured or Under-insured motorists coverage. If so, your insurance company will pay the damages and will legally pursue the other party to recover the funds.

Can someone put your car on their insurance policy without your permission and without you being listed as a driver?

Who knows. Even if they do, you have no insurance coverage and they have wasted their money. The insurance company can not and will not pay any claims arising out of any incidents with a vehicle that does not belong to to the policyholder. Purchase your own insurance. It is a legally binding contract in which you state that you own the vehicle and that you have listed all household members and/or drivers and that you agree to notify the insurance carrier of any changes to such.

Will progressive insurance pay for your car damage that was caused while your car was parked legally in your apartment parking lot if the driver of the car did not have insurance but the person who ha?

You didn't complete your question so I will try to answer it as best I can. Any policy no matter what company it is will be the same if you have the same coverage. If the other party had no insurance on the vehicle then your uninsured motorist coverage will pay for your damage just as if they had coverage up to you limit of UM coverage. If the other person was using someone else's car and the car owner had coverage then his insurance will pay for the damages. Liability coverage follows the car generally. If your UM coverage has to pay for the damages, they will go after the car owner and the driver for reimbursement of the loss.

In Pennsylvania can an employer legally ask an employee for proof of marriage or divorce before adding or deleting insurance coverage for a dependent?

Yes, it is more likely it is the insurance provider's requirement rather than the employer.

Can a 17 year old legally purchase commercial insurance for a start up business?

A 17-year-old, unless emancipated, cannot legally establish a business, and is not old enough to contract for insurance, or, for that matter, to contract for anything.

If medical insurance will not cover injuries from an auto accident why do they ask if you have it and then limit your coverage?

Medical insurance should cover any injuries substained no matter how they were caused. Health insurance is only responsible (in most cases) for what your car insurance and the third party involved's insurance does not pay. Legally, car insurance is primary over health insurance.

Do you need to show proof of insurance at a car dealership when buying a used car?

Absolutely. Even if you pay cash for the vehicle you will need to prove that you have liability insurance in order to legally drive off the lot. If you are financing the vehicle you will have to show that you have liability and physical damage coverage before driving off the lot. The dealer will contact your insurance agent to verify that the coverage is in force and will add the vehicle to your policy with the coverage that they require and that you want.