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How long do you wait before you can touch baby hamsters or guinea pigs?

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The best time to touch a baby hamster is day 14(2 weeks). I have 8 baby hamsters and i have to resist the erge to touch them. Good luck! They are so cute! -WM Utah

2006-09-14 00:52:13
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What if you touch baby hamsters when born?

If you touch a hamsters babies before you are allowed to, (2-3 weeks usually) the mother will eat it.

How long do you have to wait before you can touch baby hamsters?

about 6 to 8 weeks the sooner the better.

How long do you wait before you can touch baby hamsters or guinea pigs without the mom eating them?

when you see the hamster or guinea start to have hair on there body or start to see or maybe younger(i touched it when it started to have hair and i put it in a place the mother will never look)

What will happien if you hold a baby guinea pig to early?

guinea pigs are not tlike hamsters after a day or too you can hold on hamsters will eat their young but guinea pigs wont

When can you touch your hamsters baby?

Never, hamsters can only be touched after they're completely weaned.

Can you hold or touch baby hamsters before their eyes are open?

If you want it to have the chances of being eaten or abandoned, go ahead.

How long do you have to wait to touch the baby hamsters?

about 5 months

Can you touch your baby hamsters?

no, the mom might abandon them or eat them if you do.

How do you breed baby hamsters at birth?

You can not breed baby hamsters they must grow up before they can do that.

When to touch baby guinea pigs after they are born?

you touch the baby's when they have all their hair.

When can you touch your baby guinea pigs?

As soon as they are born

Can you touch a baby guinea pig after it is born?


Can you touch a newborn baby guinea pig?

yes you can

How long before you can touch a baby hansters?

I have 2 hamsters and they had a litter of pups they are only 1 week and I touch.... I have even carried them...nothing will happen I hope so I am pretty sure you can touch them

Can you touch baby hamsters when they are 2 weeks old?

you can touch the babies after 2 weeks and a half

When can you touch a baby guineapig?

You can touch a newborn Guinea pig just after a hour.This will tame the newborn Guinea pig quickly,but don't touch your newborn Guinea pig too much.This will cause stress to the baby and it may affect the babies health.

Why do baby hamsters eat their siblings?

cuz you touch yourself at night

Will your mom and dad dwarf hamsters hurt their babies if you touch something in their cage?

The cage's stuff is okay to touch. Just don't touch the baby hamsters or anything too close to them.

Can a baby hamster be with a big hamster?

No, unless the "big hamster" is the baby's mother. However if you touch the baby hamsters the mother sense your smell and the mother could eat or kill it because of the smell. So don't touch the baby hamsters.

How old do dwarf hamsters have to be to be pick up?

Dwarf hamsters must be 4 weeks of age to be picked up, do NOT touch the babys at all before then or the mother will "protect" her young by eating her baby.

Why do mom hamsters eat their yong?

if you touch the baby hamster's mom thinks they have a disease and eats the baby

What do you do for mom hamsters to not eat there babies?

Don't touch the baby hamsters because she'll smell your scent and eat them out of fear.

How old do baby hamsters have to be in order to touch them?

probrobly 6 to 7 weeks

When can you start touching the baby hamsters?

You usually shouldn't touch them for about a week or two.

Can baby Guinea pigs have bed fluff for hamsters?

Yes.i do it all the hamster loves it