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When your girlfriend says she needs space, she is secretly telling you it is time for her to move on. Let her come to you, do not bug her constantly it will only push her away. If it was meant to be, she will let you know how long you should wait, if you choose to that is.

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Dose Joe Jonas need a girlfriend?

no joe Jonas doesn't need a new girlfrend because hes currently dating Camilla Belle. :(

Do people need to be quarantined after they go into space and if so how long do they have to?

no they do not

Thing to ask you r girlfrend?

Wona have sex, Simple. if you need help go to this website: hope this helped.

You like this boy his name is Fred but you like him and he dose not need a girlfrend and should you not talk to him or just try?

Try talking to him about it.

Can seeds grow in space?

well in a space station or some were like that maybe, but plants need air so they couldn't grow outside (or what ever they call it in space).

Should you call him after you have asked him for a separation?

Why not? There is no requirement that separations end in divorce. You need some space, and it still may be possible to clear things up. However, if you want to call him just to goad him and pick a fight, then... you need a little more space.

Why do you need so much hard drive space?

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No. You need to call her

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Does a guy like it when you constantly call him?

no he will think you are stalking him. He want a little bit of space and you need to give it to him

An example of when creating space is important?

If you are a WA or in another position where you need to run forward for a pass, you need to create space. If everyone is crowding around one area, run out into the open and call for the ball. Also, if you need to run forward for the ball, you need to create space between you and your team member with the ball, so that you have space to sprint and make a lead in front of your defender.

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they need a tank or a bowl about 1 foot long and 1 deep, or a tin!

What are synonyms of need?

* require * want * must * have to * necessitate * call for * long for

If they said they need time how long does it take for them to call you back?

When they miss you.

How long can astronauts stay in their space suit?

for as long as they need to as long as they take of the hat that goes over their face at least one a day

Do you need a painting contractor license to work in long island?

yes.I need a phone number were i can call

How much space on Xbox 360 do you need to get map pack 3 Call of Duty World at War?

You need 559 Megabytes which is about 0.5 gigabytes

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how many yards of netting this is 61" wide do i need for a space that is 11 feet and 8 inches long?

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I'm working on this class project about any probes that has visited Mercury and I need to know how long this probe has been in space so please answer this is due tomorrow!

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It depend on what species you plan to keep and how long you plan to keep it.

What does an astronaut need to travel into space?

They need a space shuttle.

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How do you make international CALL?

You can make an international call by dialing the country code before the number. You will need to have a long distance plan in order for the call to connect.

Why did the vikings need need more space?

Vikings need more space because their space where they were living it was getting too crowed.